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authorized the armed forces with scoliosis (Air Force, Navy, reserve, Marines)
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How feasible is that to sign up with the army with scoliosis? I"m 29, have a thoracic curve simply over 30 levels (the reduced off) but I"ve to be cleared by my earlier specialist the it won"t get any kind of worse. That doesn"t bother me or pains me like as soon as I to be a cultivation girl. Girlfriend can"t even tell the I have it when looking at me. Any suggestions? I"m no going to hide it. I"m thinking I must just talk to a recruiter and see what castle say. I"m pretty sure I can get a waiver however I don"t recognize if that will gain me anywhere. Is it one of those points where I should just try it?Thanks
Your finest bet is to speak to a recuiter as it may be waiverable, yet I found this info:- involvement the military - Military.comThe reasons for rejection because that appointment, enlistment, and also induction are:(4) over there is lumbar scoliosis higher than 20 degrees, thoracic scoliosis higher than 30 degrees, and also kyphosis or lordosis better than 55 degrees when measure up by the Cobb method.

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Before seeing a recruiter gather every one of your medical docs, consisting of a letter from your medical professional stating the you have no limitations for any type of physical activity. If a recruiter will job-related with you, one kind you"ll need to fill out is the 2807/medical pre-screen. ~ above it girlfriend will have to define your scoliosis. In your statement make certain you nearby it the end with any kind of physical tasks you do and line akin to "My scoliosis doesn"t border me in any kind of way."All that said, you will still more than likely be disqualified at MEPS, but that"s not the finish of the story. The business can request a waiver from their doctors. Because that the Marines, in the Marines friend will need to fill the end a "why I desire to be a Marine" statement, a statement on why you are requesting a waiver (basically a declare explaining her medical background w/scoliosis in also greater detail), and also what"s referred to as a "level the activity" statement, i beg your pardon is a series of questions used to judge how energetic you room currently. I advise you take up a sport, to visit recruiter workouts, or start going to aerobic/fitness classes now if you room out that school. That means you have actually something recent to put on the statement. Every one of this in addition to your physics you take at MEPS is forwarded come the Naval office of medicine for a waiver. I"m not sure what the waiver procedure is because that the various other branches. Ns imagine the Navy"s is similar. I"ve checked out the waiver procedure take end 6 month in some cases.