Food is main to any kind of Passover celebration, yet it also comes through a number of restrictions that can pose a difficulty for the home baker. I"ll provide a brief overview the Passover and also its baking rules, along with common ingredient substitutions and also some kosher-for-Passover recipes to try.

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Passover is vital Jewish vacation that typically falls in April and also commemorates as soon as Moses aided the Jews escape from slavery in old Egypt some 3,000 years ago. There to be plagues, there to be the parting that the Red Sea, and also there to be a fast escape. So rapid that the Jews didn't have actually time to let their bread rise before baking it because that the journey ahead.

Food theatre an integral function to the solemn event of Passover. Traditionally, Jewish households start through removing every leavened food assets (chametz) indigenous their homes — under to the crumbs. Throughout the whole seven or eight days of Passover (depending top top beliefs and also location), those observing the vacation are supposed to stop from eating any leavened bread; instead, matzo — a thin, cracker-like bread — is substituted. The an initial two nights of Passover are additionally celebrated with a Seder — a lengthy (and very fun), multicourse kosher-for-Passover meal with numerous food symbolism ~ above a Seder plate, no chametz, and also a retelling that the exodus story.

So, what does every that have to do with baking? Lots. Passover celebrate the exodus of the Jews while also commemorating — v food — the struggles that it took to acquire to freedom. Any fermented grain product is forbidden because that the entire week, specifically wheat, barley, spelt, oats, and also rye. Because fermentation is said to start within 18 minutes from the moment the grain (like wheat flour) come in contact with water, in order for matzo to be reputed kosher because that Passover the can't take more than 18 minute to do from start to finish.

These rules existing a creative challenge for the house baker on Passover due to the fact that it rules out many cakes, cookies, and also other small deserts. To include another layer to the challenge, numerous Jewish family members keep kosher, which method no mixing of meat and milk — therefore if you're to plan to serve brisket for a key course then the desserts need to contain no dairy whatsoever (eggs room fine, however). The course, various families choose to translate these rules in various ways, therefore if you're walking to it is in a guest at a Passover Seder and want to lug something, it's ideal to asking about details restrictions.

Although baking ~ above Passover needs some extra thought, it's far from impossible — ~ all, what's a holiday enjoy the meal without dessert? over there are numerous recipes out there — prefer flourless coco cake and also French macarons—that aren't Passover particular but commonly fit the specs.

Here space some ingredient you deserve to use in location of flour; numerous are usual in gluten-free baking (note that if you substitute these for all-purpose flour the results will it is in different and may no be as good, therefore it's ideal to look for out recipes that specifically call for these).

Matzo meal.This is the old standby of Passover baking. It's just matzo that has actually been finely ground (you deserve to make your own or acquisition a box at the store). Matzo cake meal, if girlfriend can find it, is ground even finer. It have the right to be offered to make cake, cookies, and brownies, though the results have the right to be quite thick (which isn't constantly a bad thing). Potato starch.

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You can not typically think that baking with potato starch, yet it's a traditional flour substitute for Passover. Some civilization combine it v matzo enjoy the meal (typically ¾ cup potato starch combined with ¼ cup matzo cake meal deserve to be substituted for 1 cup that all-purpose flour), while part recipes rely specifically on potato starch. Almond flour. Made native very carefully ground blanched almonds, almond flour has come to be an increasingly popular ingredient in current years (in part because its gluten-free and Keto-friendly). Almond meal, i beg your pardon is more coarsely ground, deserve to work too in recipes wherein you don't need a superfine texture (like brownies or muffins). You deserve to make your very own if you have a good quality food processor. Coconut flour. Made native dried and ground coconut meat, coconut flour is terrific gluten-free choice that is likewise a good source that fiber and healthy fats v a slight coconut flavor. The only concern is the it's still complicated to find certified kosher-for-Passover coconut flour for those that adhere strictly to the regulations. Margarine. Although not Passover-specific, detect a dessert recipe that is dairy-free (so it can be served with a meat meal and still it is in kosher) deserve to be tricky. Using margarine in ar of butter is straightforward substitute the can quickly transform a dessert native dairy come pareve (neither meat no one dairy).