Dry mustard is provided to add heat and also a pungent flavor to dishes. But have you ever wondered which various other ingredients have the right to do the very same job?


Prepared mustard is make by combining dried mustard, vinegar, and also water. Regardless of being wet, that is the ideal substitute for dry mustard, due to the fact that its main ingredient chin is soil mustard seeds. However, while making use of it as a replacement, one demands to follow a simple rule of thumb about the relationship to be used, so that the flavor and also texture of her dish stays unaffected. Because that every teaspoon of dry mustard powder, use 1 tablespoon of wet mustard, and also reduce the quantity of liquid in the food by 1 tablespoon. This alternative is best suited to be supplied for do vinaigrette and also salad dressings.

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Turmeric Powder


The turmeric tree is aboriginal to the Indian subcontinent, and the flour which is obtained from it is a typical ingredient discovered in south Asian and Indian cuisines. It has a warm, bitter, pepper-like flavor, and a bright-yellow color. It can therefore be well-substituted because that dry mustard in making various spice rubs and also for seasoning soups, curries, pickles, etc. The proportion of substitution is 1:1, i beg your pardon means, 1 component turmeric powder can be substituted because that 1 component dry mustard. Turmeric will not just render a yellow shade to the dish, yet will also include to the nutritional value, fan to its medicinal properties.

Mustard Seeds


Having mustard seeds instead of dry mustard will certainly also assist you include that extra beat to your dish. Just crush the mustard seeds and sprinkle the over your salad, stew, soup, or include it to your spice rub. To usage this alternative, the ratio of proportion of crushed mustard to dry mustard have to be 1:2. This means, 1 tablespoon dry mustard deserve to be substituted v ½ tablespoon crushed mustard.

Wasabi Powder and also Horseradish Powder


Both wasabi and horseradish flour are good substitutes for dry mustard. Wasabi flour is make from the ground roots of the wasabi plant, additionally known as the ‘Japanese horseradish’, whereas, horseradish flour is derived from the horseradish plant. Both the tree belong come the same family as mustard. Both wasabi powder and horseradish powder space hot and spicy come taste, and also are comparatively much more spicy 보다 dry mustard. You deserve to use castle to make vinaigrette and mayonnaise. However, when doing so, ensure that you use it in less quantities as compared to dried mustard.

The abovementioned alternatives will certainly most more than likely be readily accessible in your kitchen. They will certainly not just replace dried mustard in her dishes, yet will also include a unique flavor to them.

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