Q: What is ZzzQuil?

A: ZzzQuil is a sleep-aid the helps you gain the sound sleep you require by giving relief of sometimes sleeplessness. The active ingredient in ZzzQuil that helps girlfriend sleep is diphenhydramine HCl, which is an antihistamine.

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Q: What walk ZzzQuil do?

A: ZzzQuil helps you gain a great night’s rest and provides relief of occasional sleeplessness. The ZzzQuil line of assets helps girlfriend sleep soundly therefore you deserve to wake up feeling refreshed. It likewise reduces the lot of time it takes to loss asleep, if girlfriend have challenge falling asleep.

Q: exactly how does ZzzQuil work?

A: ZzzQuil has diphenhydramine, one antihistamine that causes drowsiness. To assist you stay awake and also alert, your body produces histamine, a naturally emerging substance the interacts through receptors in your mind to encourage wakefulness. If an antihistamine start the brain, it deserve to block the results of histamine and also cause the opposite impact – drowsiness. The result? You loss asleep faster.

Q: How frequently can i take ZzzQuil?

A: ZzzQuil need to only be taken as soon as a day before bedtime, as essential for sometimes sleeplessness. Stop use and also ask a doctor if sleeplessness persists consistently for much more than 2 weeks. Insomnia may be a symptom the a serious underlying clinical illness.

Q: how much ZzzQuil have the right to I take?

A: Adults and children 12 year of age and also older may take 2 ZzzQuil LiquiCaps or 30 mL that ZzzQuil fluid at bedtime, together needed. If persistent drowsiness is experienced with 50 mg sheep (2 ZzzQuil LiqiuCaps or 2 tablespoons the ZzzQuil Liquid), the dosage must be diminished 25 mg sheep (1 ZzzQuil LiquiCap or 1 tablespoon of ZzzQuil Liquid). Children under 12 years of age should no take ZzzQuil.

Q: just how long walk ZzzQuil last?

A: there are many factors that might influence exactly how long ZzzQuil lasts. It is recommended the you take ZzzQuil when you have actually adequate time to acquire a full night’s sleep (about eight hours).

Q: deserve to I take it ZzzQuil every night?

A: ZzzQuil need to only be used for occasional sleeplessness. Prevent use and also ask a physician if sleeplessness persists continuously for more than 2 weeks. Insomnia might be a symptom the a serious underlying medical illness. 

Q: will ZzzQuil do me feeling groggy in the morning?

A: there are numerous factors that can influence exactly how rested you feel in the morning. These might include the number of hours you sleep, the time that you take ZzzQuil, and also other separation, personal, instance factors. That is recommended that you take it ZzzQuil when you have actually adequate time to gain a full night’s sleep. If persistent drowsiness is knowledgeable with 50 mg dose (2 ZzzQuil LiqiuCaps or 2 tablespoons that ZzzQuil Liquid), the dosage should be reduced 25 mg dose (1 ZzzQuil LiquiCap or 1 tablespoon the ZzzQuil Liquid).

Q: can I take ZzzQuil if i wake increase in the middle of the night?

A: You have the right to take ZzzQuil in the middle of the night if you will do it still have time to obtain a enough night’s sleep (about 7 to 8 hours). In general, that is best to take ZzzQuil in ~ bedtime.

Q: What is in ZzzQuil?

A: The active ingredient in ZzzQuil is diphenhydramine HCl, an antihistamine the is a nighttime sleep-aid. Do not take it ZzzQuil if you room taking any other product include diphenhydramine and antihistamine, even one provided on skin. If you room presently taking a prescription medicine or various other medication, perform not take this product without very first consulting a medical professional or pharmacist.

Q: exactly how is ZzzQuil various from “PM” products?

A: some “PM” commodities contain a pains reliever such together acetaminophen or ibufrofen in enhancement to a sleep-aid ingredient. ZzzQuil is various from these products because it does no contain any pain reliever. ZzzQuil: no for pain. No for colds. Just for sleep.

Q: how much alcohol is in ZzzQuil?

A: ZzzQuil Warming Berry Liquid contain 10 percent alcohol. ZzzQuil LiquiCaps do not contain alcohol.

Q: Is ZzzQuil the exact same thing as NyQuil?

A: No, ZzzQuil is not the exact same thing as NyQuil. ZzzQuil to reduce the amount of time the takes to fall asleep and also relieves occasional sleeplessness, while NyQuil Cold & Flu treats nighttime symptoms of the common cold and also flu such together sneezing, sore neck pain, headache, minor aches and also pains, fever, runny nose, and also cough. 

Q: Is ZzzQuil effective?

A: ZzzQuil is reliable when taken together directed. Come ensure ZzzQuil is ideal for you, always read and follow the label. Execute not use if girlfriend have: a breathing difficulty such as asthma, emphysema or chronic bronchitis; love disease; glaucoma; or difficulty urinating as result of enlargement that the prostate gland. Unless directed by a physician, not to be provided by elderly patients who suffer confusion at nighttime. These drugs may produce excitation fairly than sedation in the elderly. Thus they have to be avoided in this age group.

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Q: have the right to I use ZzzQuil if ns am pregnant or nursing?

A: If you space pregnant or breast-feeding, questioning a health professional before using ZzzQuil.