Cornmeal, corn flour, corn starch, cornflake, popcorn –what and also why do we have all of these!

Well, several of these share number of similarities, however it’s the tiny differences that issue the most. So, let’s cut to the best confusion the all:

Cornmeal vs. Corn flour – those the difference?

The main difference in between cornmeal and also cornflour is the texture. Cornmeal is coarse and gritty through yellowish color, while corn flour is a good powder that is generally white. In essence, they are both ground form of milled, dried corn, and also the structure difference originates from how coarsely or carefully corns room ground.

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You might wonder if cornmeal and also corn flour space interchangeable. After ~ all, they are both virtually the exact same thing. The prize is no as basic as it seems, but worth exploring. can’t it is in loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Is cornmeal the same as cornflour? (

Anyone through the slightest endure with baking and cooking would recognize the prestige of texture. The smooth consistency and texture forced for most soups is something friend won’t acquire with cornmeal. It would certainly instead include grittiness the is extremely undesirable because that soups. Similarly, cornmeal offers a delicious structure to fried items, when corn flour could not even adhere that well.

The resolve Corn Meal

As the name suggests, cornmeal is offered as ‘meal’in numerous parts of the world. ‘Meal,’ in the literal feeling of the word, means coarsely ground grain or seeds, specifically what cornmeal is.

Types that Corn Meal

Speaking the commercially accessible products, you i will not ~ find many varieties of cornmeal. The only difference is that some are made from yellow corn, if others room from white kernels.


Commercial assets are likewise degerminated, i.e., bran and corn germ are eliminated from the final product. This meal has less fiber but more nutritional value as compared to cornmeal with hull and also germ oil. Degermination likewise increases that is shelf life.

Stoneground cornmeal no commercially available in some parts of the US, but you might find that in small organic stores. Stoneground has both the bran and the hull. It contains fewer nutrients however has an ext fiber 보다 commercial cornmeal.

Corn enjoy the meal Recipes and also Dishes

It is a staple food in countless European countries and even in several says in the US. Dishes like breakfast porridge are often made v this ingredient. Polenta and also Grits space two common examples of popular dishes prepared with this ingredient.

Southerners room quite familiar with cornmeal, utilizing it in a vast variety of dishes from that region. It won’t be wrong to say that southerners like their cornmeal virtually as much as they gain their barbecue. They usage it in several baked dishes, consisting of cornbread and also muffins.

Cornmeal is ubiquitous in southern dishes and has made the trek phibìc of the Mason-Dixon line.

In part recipes, cornmeal add to a grainy texture and yellowish shade in bread various other than cornbread. Cornmeal is the main ingredient and also a texture enhancer in different recipes worldwide.

Then comes the Corn Flour

Grind the cornmeal a little too aggressively, and also you will end up with corn flour. With this simple difference, whatever changes.

Naturally, you deserve to no longer use corn flour to include texture come a dish. It will thicken the consistency to an extent, however the texture will be smooth. This consistency is desirable in key such as pancakes, which will be damaged if you add cornmeal instead of corn flour.


It is worth discussing that uneven cornmeal, cornflour isn’t consumed as a meal. Instead, that is just used as an ingredient, mostly to change a batter’s consistency or when that details taste is desired instead the wheat flour. Human being who can’t consume wheat flour for any kind of reason may use corn flour as a substitute.

Corn and Calories

A study of corn and corn-based assets in the us reveals a very small difference in the calorie counting of corn meal and corn flour. The rest of the nutrient profile is basically the exact same for both products. However, advertising processed and also manufactured products are typically fortified, if corn milled and also ground at residence or smaller mills space not.

A bigger Corn-fusion

Before girlfriend think you have actually all the answers, let united state talk around a couple of more confusing terms in this context. The very very first contender here is the an excellent old cornstarch. That is whereby it gets trickier.

Cornstarch vs. Corn Flour

The difference betweencornstarch and corn flourhas a lot of to carry out with where you are. In the US, they are both two different products, but in the UK and several other parts that the world, what they contact corn flour is cornstarch.


In the US, corn flour is made of the entirety kernel, whereas corn flour is do of the starchy part of the corn kernel’s endosperm. Corn starch is even finer 보다 corn flour, and due to greater starch content, that is used as a thickener. can’t it is in loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Is corn starch and corn flour the exact same thing? (

Most soup and sauces call for cornstarch as a thickener, usually included at the end. The doesn’t include any texture or taste to a recipe, but it will change the consistency. Just a spoonful blended in a little bit of cold water is enough for a big bowl full of soap.

Polenta and Grits

The dilemma doesn’t just finish at corn flour, cornmeal, and also corn starch. There room some various other terms supplied interchangeably v cornmeal: polenta and also grits.

First of all, you will indeed discover a packaged product labeling polenta or grits just to discover cornmeal within the box. It just further spreads the misconception that these are just two an ext names for the same thing.


In reality, polenta and grits space two various dishes ready with corn meal.

Polenta is an Italian dish, nearly a porridge made the end of corn meal. It is just one of the most common ways of consuming cornmeal in Italy. The food is so commonly consumed that people from Italy may have actually started to usage the ax interchangeably through corn meal. And as Americans flourished appreciative of Italian cuisine, the term do its means to the US, and also we may have taken it together Italian for cornmeal.

However, Americans have their alternative for polenta called grits. A southern staple, grits how Americans do porridge out of cornmeal. The crucial difference between the two is the type of corn castle come indigenous – polenta is made of yellow corn, if grits space from white corn referred to as hominy. That likewise explains the color difference.


Now you understand the answer. Cornmeal is coarse, and also it is something you can straight consume together a meal. Corn flour is something the is either supplied as a substitute because that wheat flour or together a thickener. However, the one used as a thickener is cornstarch. The confusion between cornstarch and corn flour arises due to the fact that of the British, who use corn flour for corn starch.

Cornmeal and cornflour aren’t always the right substitute for each various other as the texture distinction can sometimes ruin the whole recipe. Currently that you understand the differences, you have the right to avoid such disasters.



Can I use corn flour for cornbread?

No, cornbread is made of corn meal and not corn flour. The grittiness the cornmeal theatre a an essential role in offering it the texture and also lightness. You can shot the recipe with corn flour, but it will rotate out also dense and also might also crumble too easily.

Is corn flour better than wheat flour?

Corn flour is great gluten-free different to wheat flour. As well as that, over there is no far-ranging reason come declare that one is much better than the other. However, gluten is a usual allergen, and also many world now look at foralternatives there is no gluten.

Do I require corn flour or cornstarch?

Corn flour and also cornstarch space two different things and also can rarely be supplied interchangeably. If friend don’t understand which one come use, see if the recipe needs it together a bulk ingredient or just as a thickener. If essential in bulk, as with wheat flour, use cornflour. When required in a smaller sized quantity, for thickening purposes, usage cornstarch.

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Should I save cornmeal in the fridge?

Store uncooked cornmeal in the refrigerator. Store it in an airtight glass jar to store it from moisture. The goes rancid much faster than cornflour.

Is corn meal an excellent for diabetes?

Severalstudiessuggest that corn and also its derivatives, such together cornmeal and corn flour, room safe for diabetic patients. Corn has actually a short glycemic index and is low in sodium and also fat as well.