Finally - a method to placed all those party of nail polish to an excellent use! this day we"re share 22 great uses for nail polish that will certainly come in comfortable all about the home.

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Clear nail polish is an exceptional sealer, glue, and protective layer, make it beneficial for tons of things you"ve most likely never considered.

Intrigued? examine out ours 22 brand-new uses for nail polish below and also prepare to it is in amazed!

1. Prevent pearl buttons native peeling

So an easy but effective!

Pearls are such a pretty accessory - they carry a touch of class to any type of outfit. The only trouble is thatthey can often peel.

Coat faux pearl buttons, necklaces and also earrings in a great of clear nail polish, and also it"ll keep them looking good for year to come.

2. Stop towel from fraying

Fraying is actually pretty fashionable ideal now, but there"s a limit. If your garments starts to fray, friend can offer it a coating of nail polish.

It"s a quick means to save your denim skirts native fraying into nothingness.

3. Note levels in buckets, jugs & more

If you ever need to note a certain point top top a fluid measurer, don"t hazard pens running. Instead, use coloured pond varnish to note the level - uneven you"re measuring nail varnish, it"s guaranteed to stay put!

4. Do threading needles easier

Once you"ve obtained going, sewing can be very therapeutic. One point that isn"t, however, is threading needles. Part threads simply don"t seem to desire to cooperate andrefuse come go v the eye.

Don"t garbage time struggling - coat the end of your thread in pond varnish and also it will be much much easier to thread.

5. Seal an envelope v clear pond polish

carry out your tongue a favour and try this.

Do you hate licking envelopes?

If friend can"t stand the taste of glue - and also who have the right to really blame girlfriend - or your envelope seal isn"t sticky enough, you deserve to use clear pond polish in that place.

Apply a tiny layer to the flap and also it"ll keep everything safe inside.

6. Stop tights from laddering

Argh! It"s therefore frustrating as soon as you traction on a pair the brand brand-new tights then immediately ladder them.

If you haven"t acquired a spare pair, or the ladder is hidden however you"re worried around it ripping further, provide it a coat of clear nail polish. Whilst it won"t solve the ladder, that will prevent it indigenous getting any kind of worse.

7. Colour code keys

This is just one of our favourite offers for nail polish. If you"ve got a lot of keys that watch the same, you can save time by painting the peak of each one v a cloak of nail polish in miscellaneous colours.

You"ll soon acquire the hang of remembering i m sorry colour matches i m sorry door.

8. Seal splinters in wood

We all know how painful splinters deserve to be. Although small, they deserve to sure fill a punch!

If the timber in your home shows sign of splintering, a fast coat that clear nail varnish will certainly seal and also smooth that down, preventing it from giving anyone a nasty surprise.

9. Reattach gems

Another wonderful use for nail polish is reattaching jewel to jewellery. If you"ve lost a rhinestone or similar on one of your favourite rings, plop part clear pond varnish in the hole, include your stone, and also hold in ar until dry.

10. Use much less salt

Overdoing the on the salt? If you keep automatically reaching for the salt shaker, this clever tip might really assist you.

Remove the height of your shaker, and also place the onto some kitchen roll. Next, usage clear nail varnish to repaint over a couple of of the holes, and collection aside come dry.

Now, as soon as you shake, you"ll acquire less salt out. You"ll be able to instantly reduce your salt consumption.

11. How to avoid rust utilizing nail polish


Are rusty hairspray, deodorant and also shaving foam can be ~ leaving marks almost everywhere your spotless bathroom?

There"s a fast fix because that that!

Coat the base of can be ~ in a thin coat the clear nail varnish, and it will stop oxygen and also water from obtaining in, leaving your cans rust-free.

12. Stop button thread indigenous unravelling

It"s much less complicated to protect against buttons indigenous falling off than to find them or replace them.

A fast coat that clear pond varnish on the subject of buttons will median you never shed one again.

13. Just how to repair a cracked window screen

Cracked window screens can be very nerve-wracking, however they needn"t be!

Give the crack a tiny coat the clear pond varnish on both sides of the screen, and also it will avoid it native getting any type of bigger till you have actually time to obtain it fixed.

14. Prevent shoelaces indigenous unravelling

Calling every parents! carry out your kids have a habit the leaving your shoelaces untied? If so, it"s most likely friction versus the floor and also feet will reason them to fray.

Another among our handy supplies for pond varnish is to prevent shoelaces from unravelling.

15. Supplies for pond varnish because that crafting

Who doesn"t love a little bit of glitter? It"s a wonderful way to bring a touch of sparkle to your crafts.

Want to know a trick?

Apply acoat that clear nail varnish to her glitter-covered crafts, and also it will certainly glue whatever perfectly into place, keeping both your innovations (and carpets) intact.

16. Stop jewellery from going green

speak goodbye to cheap-looking jewellery.

A teller sign of cheap rings is eco-friendly fingers.

Keep your secret (and fingers) for sure by coating costume jewellery in a class of clear pond polish. This is among the thriftiest supplies for nail polish, and also works to prevent costume jewellery native tarnishing.

This way, nobody will have the ability to tell actual from fake!

17. Tighten loose screws

Here"s another one of our supplies for nail polish that"s perfect for you DIYers.

If you"re having actually trouble with getting a screw to fit snugly, offer it a coat of clear pond varnish. It will certainly thicken the screw an extremely slightly, making that a much better fit for all your DIY needs.

18. Liquid plaster

This yes, really is a bizarre method to use clear nail polish - some world claim it renders a wonderful plaster when you"re the end of them.

Want to try it? Head over to budget plan Savvy Diva to learn how.

19. Smudge-proof labels

One of the finest things about nail polish is that waterproof properties.

Apply a quick coat come postage brand or DIY food labels to protect against ink from running, post getting lost, or food getting mixed up.

This is a life hack everyone must know!

20. Waterproof matches

Going camping soon? we have an additional handy hack for you the will aid keep matched working, everything the weather!

Before girlfriend leave, coatthe finish of her matches in a layer of clear pond polish. That will store them dried come rain or shine.

21. Store glasses screws in place

A genius hack because that glasses-wearers.

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Who has actually time to save nipping come the opticians to acquire their glasses" screws tightened?

Not us!

Instead, we use a very tiny amount the clear nail polish come our glasses screws, which appears to keep them placed no matter what we obtain up to.

Have girlfriend had any success making use of nail polish in monster ways? We"d loe to hear her tips in the comment below!