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After analysis at the very least a pair of my residential plumbing articles, you understand by now that PEX is supplied in much more new-home building than copper and also CPVC combined. However you may not recognize that you deserve to actually usage PEX every the means from the curb right into the home.

Here room three means you deserve to maximize the services of PEX — flexibility, durability, job efficiencies, mechanism performance, price savings — indigenous street come fixture because that many, or even all, of your pipes installs.

Water service

For many single-family residential applications, the key pipeline from the street to the residence is 3/4-inch or 1-inch. PEX pipe for potable applications is obtainable from nearly any manufacturer in sizes approximately 1-inch. In fact, some manufacturers offer even larger sizes up to 3 inches because that multifamily, high-rise, or advertising applications.

It is vital to certain the PEX pipe you’re making use of for the key pipeline is provided and authorized for water service. Be sure to inspect local code and also the markings on the pipeline to for sure this approval.

Some manufacturers likewise offer direct connections to the water meter. Because that example, Uponor supplies ProPEX fittings and also valves the directly affix the PEX pipe ideal to the water meter. The fittings and also valves are obtainable in straight or 90-degree connections for water meters size 5/8-inch come 1-inch.

In slab and also underground

Some plumbing home builders may it is in surprised to understand that PEX is authorized for usage in underground as well as in-slab applications. For jurisdictions that allow PEX in these types of applications, this deserve to be a big advantage.

Installing PEX pipeline in the slab or secret can aid reduce costs since there room no hangers required and also less ladder time for installers (adding come installation efficiencies). In addition, no insulation is required, offering even an ext cost savings.

The pipeline is also obtainable with color-coded red or blue HDPE sleeves because that removal and replacement the PEX lines, if necessary. Additionally, the ASTM F1960 ProPEX cold-expansion connection is also approved for use in underground and in-slab applications.

Because PEX is easily accessible in long coil lengths approximately 1,000 feet, underground relationships are rare. Yet if you must make a connection, it’s good to know you have actually approval with the ASTM F1960 ProPEX connection.

Logic layouts

For those acquainted with homerun or trunk-and-branch installs, a Logic approach (also dubbed “structured plumbing”) saves far-ranging time and materials. In a reasonable layout, the design incorporates multiport tees close to fixture groupings to minimize connections and maximize hot-water delivery.

In a typical homerun or trunk-and-branch installation with tees, six continuous tees call for 18 connections. However, a flow-through multiport tee with 6 outlets only demands eight relations (six relations for the ports to add a key flow-through inlet and a main flow-through outlet).

With a multiport tee, you’re still able to have actually six plumbing lines going out from the key line, yet fewer than half the connections. And, that course, fewer relations mean faster installs, fewer compelled parts and better system performance.

If you desire to discover all the details about Logic plumbing, inspect out my previous post How the Logic method to pipes with PEX Can help Your Business.

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And to learn an ext about PEX pipeline in general, visitplasticpipe.orgorppfahome.org.

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