Feeding 설 설 is a the majority of fun and it always puts a smile on my face when I watch them munching far at among my feeders. Squirrels room omnivores that will eat just about anything. But there room some foods items that are great to feeding squirrels and some others you have to avoid.

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It is likewise important to differentiate between what to feeding wild 설 설 in your backyard and what to feeding pet 설 설 that room living in your house.

Let’s look at at some of your choices!


Dried corn is incredibly inexpensive IF you have the right to purchase it from a farm supply store. These stores are selling corn as feed come cattle, pig and also horse farmer who require inexpensive food for their livestock. Dried corn it s okay considerably more expensive if you buy it from a large Box keep that has it packaged together pet food.

Peanuts (Roasted or Raw)

Peanuts room another good choice because that feeding squirrels but there room a couple of things you have to be mindful of before you start feeding them.

If you desire to feed them roasted peanuts make sure that the peanuts are unsalted. Ns haven’t viewed any scholastic studies on the health results of overfill salt intake on squirrels but I can’t imagine that it is great for them.

If you want to feeding raw peanuts then examine to make sure that the peanuts carry out not have any type of mold. Squirrels space usually smart enough to prevent dangerous molds but it doesn’t pains to be careful.

Squirrels will eat most of the peanuts you offer them however will stash few of them away to eat during winter. The squirrels will stash the peanuts in every sorts of stunner places and some the the raw peanuts they stash in the ground will certainly sprout. I quit feeding life peanuts after I discovered peanut plants cultivation in my flower pots!

Please be mindful that that is no a great idea to feed wild 설 설 an too much amount of peanuts. Peanuts space absolutely full of calories and you don’t want to fatten this critters up.

Pecans and also Walnuts In The Shell

If you space feeling generous then you deserve to feed the 설 설 tree nuts favor pecans and also walnuts. Tree nuts are component of the herbal diet the squirrels and also they will recognize and appreciate the bounty you room providing.

If you execute put out some tree nuts for the squirrels I suggest you use nuts that space still in the shell. Squirrels actually reap chewing on seed shells (more on that below) and also it keeps them at the feeder longer. The in shell nuts also last much longer for once the 설 설 stash part away.


As many backyard bird watchers will attest, squirrels LOVE birdseed. 설 설 love birdseed so lot that they will often fully destroy a feeder to reach the seed inside. This habits frustrates therefore many people that the sales the squirrel proof bird feeders has come to be a multimillion dollar business! However, squirrels do not choose all bird seeds the same.

The seed that squirrels seem come love the most is black oil sunflower seeds. You deserve to usually buy these seed in bulk (40 pounds) for about $0.50 every pound. The downside to feeding sunflower seed is the the discarded hulls can develop a mess. If you want to invest a little an ext then you deserve to buy the raw seed that have already been shelled. The shelled seeds are commonly sold as “sunflower chips”. Sunflower chips cost a lot much more than sunflower seeds in the shell but they leaving absolutely no chaos behind.

The seed the squirrels seem to dislike is white safflower seeds. Squirrels simply won’t touch any type of of the safflower seed that I have actually put out. As soon as I uncovered how much squirrels dislike safflower I consisted of it in my can be fried squirrel proof bird feeding station.

Pumpkin and also Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin and also pumpkin seeds are fun fall treats to provide to your squirrels.

When i am make Jack-O-Lanterns because that Halloween i will conserve the pumpkin seed that i scoop out and also then roast them on a cookie paper (400F, 30 minutes). Some human being like come eat the seeds themselves but I choose to provide them come the squirrels.

After Halloween is over ns will reduced the Jack-O-Lantern right into two inch blocks and either put them in a feeder or scatter them on my porch deck rail. I reduced the pumpkin into sections to keep one squirrel from hogging the entirety thing. If you want you deserve to put the whole pumpkin out by the trees and also the 설 설 will find it.

By the way, this “squirrel cam” video clip of squirrels eating pumpkin is certain adorable!

What To feeding Pet Squirrels

If you space feeding a pets squirrel climate you need to think around the finish dietary requirements of the animal. Girlfriend shouldn’t feed a squirrel a diet that only consists of corn a peanuts as those foodstuffs do no cover all of the vitamins and minerals that wild squirrels attain on your own.

There are a couple of commercial feed mixtures designed especially for pet squirrels and also the best products I have seen space made by a firm called Exoctic Nutrition.

Something that is an important to incorporate in the feed mix for pet squirrels is a naturally occurring hard substrate such as animal bones or antlers. Squirrels are rodents and also must continuous chew to save their front teeth filed down. There is no something tough to chew on the squirrel’s this will come to be overgrown and also serious health issues or even fatality will result.

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The Exoctic Nutrition commodities do contain “rodent blocks” for chewing but they introduce supplementing the feed with added chewing materials.