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Ash Wednesday is the first day that Lent, a spiritual season observed by Catholics and many various other Christian denominations about the world. Ash Wednesday may look a small different this year, however it still feasible to follow essential traditions, consisting of fasting and also abstinence.

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Millions of people will choose to give up other of their choice for 40 days to observe Lent. For roman Catholics, Lent start on Ash Wednesday and ends top top the evening of holy Thursday.

But what room the rules neighboring fasting and abstinence ~ above Ash Wednesday, an excellent Friday, and Lent?

Eating meat on Ash Wednesday

Catholics will stop meat, including beef, pork, chicken, ham, and also lamb, ~ above Ash Wednesday, an excellent Friday, and other Fridays throughout Lent. However, fish and animal commodities like eggs and milk room allowed.

They perform not eat meat on Ash Wednesday, good Friday, and also other Fridays during Lent together an plot of penance.

Ash Wednesday complies with Shrove Tuesday, which is likewise known as Pancake Day. Top top Shrove Tuesday, those who observe Lent traditionally used up the foodstuffs they intended to offer up for 40 days. These foods traditionally consisted of items choose eggs, fats, and sugar, which would certainly be supplied to do food like pancakes.


A Catholic woman has actually her forehead significant with a overcome of ash during the celebration of Ash Wednesday in Bogota top top February 13, 2013. Ash Wednesday initiates the Christian period of Lent, which end in the holy Week.Luis Acosta/Getty

Ash Wednesday is a job of Fasting

Ash Wednesday and an excellent Friday room days of fasting. Catholic Fasting entails eating much less than usual but does not average that human being who watch Ash Wednesday need to go every day there is no eating.

Typically, Catholics will certainly eat one complete meal and two smaller meals (that do not add up come a full meal) transparent the day. They are allowed to consume liquids at any time transparent the day yet should no consume any solid food between meals.

Catholics in between the eras of 18 and 59 space expected come fast, but some people are freed from fasting, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people who room unwell, for example.

Giving Up because that Lent

As Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lent season, many people will choose to provide up something because that 40 days.

Lent is a season to remember how Jesus visited the desert come pray and fast because that 40 days. When in the desert, Satan tried come tempt Jesus, however he had the ability to resist. When Christians give up something because that Lent, they are making a sacrifice and also are practicing self-discipline, as Jesus did.

Some christians traditionally provide up foodstuffs like meat, pet products, and fats, when some civilization give up points they enjoy, prefer sugar or snacks, because that example.

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Other people pick to offer up specific habits for Lent, together as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, among other lifestyle changes, to practice self-discipline.