Never feed a Venus flytrap hamburger. Ill.: &

The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is a carnivorous plant equipped with small traps that capture insects and is commonly sold together a houseplant.

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A well-known myth argues that due to the fact that the insects it usually feeds on are rare indoors, it would wise to feed it little bits that hamburger to replace its missing prey. Yet don’t! because that little of trusted advice is in reality a pervasive yet harmful myth, handed under from generation to generation.

Venus flytrap doing what its surname suggests. Video: lenspt,

Hamburger is too rich in fat and proteins for a Venus flytrap and also will offer the plant the vegetal indistinguishable of indigestion, possibly bring about its death. You have the right to feed that a paris or other little insect you’ve caught, but not meat … no one fertilizer, i beg your pardon is also toxic to the Venus flytrap together it is with most carnivorous plants. In fact, her Venus flytrap will do just fine without ever before receiving “food” in ~ all, growing really well and also surviving for many months.

Not together a an excellent Houseplant

Venus flytrap (Dionea muscipula). Photo: H. Zell, Wikimedia Commons

Although the Venus flytrap is widely marketed as a houseplant, the is in reality poorly suited to at home growing. Yes, you deserve to keep it lively for a while, but its long-term survival is much from certain, because it is adapted to special problems that are difficult to replicate indoors.

7 advice for growing Venus Flytraps

To provide your Venus flytrap the best possible chance because that a lengthy life, below are some tips on exactly how to store it happy:

Not every plants live forever. Just compost them as soon as they die. Ill.:

If you a laidback houseplant gardener, why not just take into consideration the Venus flytrap a short-lived plant, one friend can flourish for a couple of months, then toss? You currently do this with plenty of gift plants and all her garden annuals, so it yes, really isn’t that lot of a stretch.

Still, provide your Venus flytrap the best possible conditions while the alive and also encourage local youngsters to come and bring it tiny insects to eat (children, being normally sadistic, will certainly adore the experience!). However don’t cry over it as soon as it lastly dies: that was just not designed come live forever in a residence environment.

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