Fresh green beans room delightful come have, but what carry out you do once you have too plenty of on hand? deserve to you freeze eco-friendly beans?

You deserve to freeze the extra beans whether directly from the vine or left over from a large opened deserve to of cable beans. This will help you receive more shelf life out of the bean so you can reheat and also eat in ~ a later day as a next dish to other meals girlfriend make, or use them to do a casserole dish.

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How to Freeze eco-friendly Beans?

How you freeze eco-friendly beans will rely on the state of the vegetable. Listed below is a action by step overview on how can you freeze green beans:

Freezing Fresh environment-friendly Beans

You frozen fresh eco-friendly beans directly from the vine by very first rinsing castle down with cool water and removing any stems and also ends. Then, friend blanch the bean in a pot of water for a minute.

After, you place the blanched beans onto a paper of record towel and soak up the extra water indigenous them. Then, you have the right to place them into freezer bags or containers and store lock in the freezer until you are prepared to use them.

Green beans consumed within a year from the freezing day will maintain their colorful green color and fresh taste and also crunch.

Freezing Canned eco-friendly Beans

If you have a big can of string beans and you are just going to open the can and use half the beans, you have the right to pour the other fifty percent into a freezer container v the fluid they are in and freeze lock for up to 6-months.This will assist preserve their shelf life and permit you to usage the rest of the canned beans later.

However, the beans might be musher in texture, which makes them great for casserole dishes, soups and stews.

Image used under creative Commons native Mike Mozart

How to Defrost Frozen eco-friendly Beans?

When it concerns defrosting fresh green beans, you take them best from the freezer, ar them into a steamer, and vapor them until vivid green and also fork tender.

Never take it the bean from the freezer and permit them come defrost top top the countertop completely because this will make castle slimy, soggy and taste choose the warehouse bag and container they have been save on computer inside. It can even make the beans watery in texture.

Always take the beans straight from the freezer into the cooking procedure and eat them shortly after that. You should not refreeze the bean after this process either since bacteria have the right to have a possibility to kind on them. The is finest if you just eat castle up.

As for defrosting canned green beans, thaw byremoving them indigenous the freezer container and also into a little saucepan. Then, you location the lid ~ above the pan and also place the pan top top the stove.

Next, you rotate the burner on short heat, progressively defrost the beans, and heavy steam them for about 5 come 7-minutes. After, you simply serve castle up. Most of the time-canned beans that are frozen will still have actually the same great flavor and texture, yet if frozen for much longer than 6-months the bean might come to be mushy and lose a little bit that the flavor.

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Image supplied under creative Commons from Mohammed Mahdi


Knowing these approaches for freezing eco-friendly beans whether fresh or left over from one open can should help you save extra bean preserved much longer so none go come waste.

Food is expensive and also knowing how to freeze leftover or extra vegetables and also fruits deserve to go a long wayto cutting the expense of your groceries. Now that you understand how can you freeze green beans, go ahead and also store this vegetables for later. It’s easy!