Have many leftover holiday ham, and also wondering if you can freeze some of it to reap later? What if the ham hasn't to be cooked yet? have the right to it go earlier in the freezer? The answer come both is yes. It's perfectly safe to refreeze ham (both cooked or uncooked), as long as it to be thawed in the frozen fridge (Other approaches of thawing aren't recommended). Here's what you require to understand to get good results.

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Freeze and also Refreeze

For security purposes, ham should be refrozen within 3 days the thawing. There may be a slight adjust in quality because of the humidity lost during thawing, i beg your pardon can impact the structure of your defrosted meat.Do not refreeze ham that"s to be left exterior the refrigerator longer than two hours. Make certain the meat is packaged properly, so that doesn"t obtain freezer-burned.

If you have a many ham to freeze, think around dividing it right into smaller portions before you stick that in the freezer. The will permit you come pull the end individual packages, without having to thaw the end the whole ham.


To use your ham ~ it"s to be frozen (or refrozen), eliminate thepackage the frozen ham indigenous the freezer, and permit it come defrost in the refrigerator. Depending on the size, the shouldthawcompletely in about 24 come 48 hours. If you"re taking care of a smaller portion, or need to thaw it the end faster, there space some tricks that deserve to thaw her ham in as tiny as 30 minutes.


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Don't Forget the Ham Bone

Be certain to freeze the ham bone, when you"re in ~ it. It have the right to be used to do a very delicious pot of soup or broth. Just be warned: when you taste ham broth, you may never clear up for chicken broth again.

supplies for Leftovers

Consider using your ham to make finished meals that you have the right to freeze for later. Ham soup and quiche are basic to make, and they both frozen beautifully. When you're brief on time, having ready-made meals the you deserve to pull out and reheat is a real luxury.

If friend don"t want to spend a bunch of time food preparation now, take into consideration chopping some—or all—of her ham prior to you frozen it. It will make it straightforward to add to pasta dishes, casseroles, and soups. As lengthy as you usage it in a food that will be heated, you don"t even have come thaw that first.

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store up v What's in her Freezer

Be sure to label and also date your ham before you put it in the freezer, so friend don"t shed track of it. Frozen ham will save indefinitely, however is finest used within a year.