Ticketed and free events have now ended - uncover out about research search changes and also other options


With the premium and cost-free events now concluded in all timezones, you may still require to know the components of upcoming actions (assuming girlfriend haven"t yet finished the quest). We have updated this overview to reflect quest changes post-event - so girlfriend won"t need to rely ~ above the currently non-existent Regi raids and increased rock, ice and also steel-type Pokémon spawns.

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Step 1/4



Post Event: win 3 Raids

During Event: capture a Regirock, Regice, or Registeel native a raid

3000 XP

Post Event: catch 49 Pokémon

During Event: record 7 Rock-type Pokémon

Encounter: Cranidos

Evolve 7 Rock-type Pokémon

Encounter: Tyranitar

Rewards: 3x gold Razz Berry, 3,000 Stardust, 10x an excellent Balls

During the occasion hours, Regirock, Regice and Registeel were found in high numbers as five-star raids and also players had to additionally catch and also evolve a variety of Pokémon at each stage. Post-event, the requirement was readjusted to 3 raids of any kind of level/Pokémon and also 49 the any type of Pokémon. The specific type evolution task continued to be the same.

Step 2/4

Post Event: capture 49 Pokémon

During Event: catch 7 Ice-type Pokémon



Post Event: victory 3 raids

During Event: catch a Regirock, Regice, or Registeel from a raid

3000 XP

Encounter: Lapras

Evolve 7 Ice-type Pokémon

Encounter: Abomasnow

Rewards: 1x Sinnoh Stone, 3,000 Stardust, 10x great Balls

Step 2 sees girlfriend repeat very similar steps to the above, only with ice-type Pokémon in quests and also rewards.

Step 3/4



Post Event: success 3 raids

During Event: record a Regirock, Regice, or Registeel indigenous a raid

3000 XP

Post Event: record 49 Pokémon

During Event: capture 7 Steel-type Pokémon

Encounter: Shieldon

Evolve 7 Steel-type Pokémon

Encounter: Steelix

Rewards: 1x Unova Stone, 3,000 Stardust, 10x good Balls

Step 3 is the very same again, though steel-type Pokémon are involved here.

Step 4/4

Post Event: take it 7 snapshots that Ice-type Pokémon

During Event: take a picture of a Regice



Post Event: take it 7 snapshots the Rock-type Pokémon

During Event: take it a snapshot of a Regirock,

3000 XP

3000 XP

Post Event: take 7 snapshots of Steel-type Pokémon

During Event: take it a picture of a Registeel

3000 XP

Rewards: New (Event Exclusive) Avatar Pose, Regigigas and also x10 Regigigas Candy

How else can I get Regigigas now that the occasion is over?

Significantly, Niantic have evidenced that Regigigas will start appearing in the high-difficulty EX Raid series ‘in November’, an interpretation that there is quiet a free route to obtaining the Pokémon (though the premium happen gets your accessibility sooner and far much more easily considering the an obstacle and selection criteria the EX Raids).

When were Tickets because that ‘A Colossal Discovery’ Available?


Once the happen was purchased, players had to open Pokémon GO between Saturday, November 2 2019 from 11:00 to 19:00 neighborhood time to get the ‘A Colossal Discovery’ Special research quest. Similar to all Special research quests, you deserve to take as lengthy as you desire to complete the ’A Colossal Discovery’ story, despite bear in mental that specific tasks might be more daunting as transforms are made to the game through the year.

In your announcement blogpost, Niantic encourage "trying your best to finish the study on Saturday, November 2, 2019, indigenous 11:00 a.m. To 7:00 p.m. In your neighborhood time zone", "for an optimal gameplay experience".

How much Did the ‘A Colossal Discovery’ pass Cost and also How could I to buy It?

The ticket was priced in ~ $7.99/£7.99 and for the very first time, had to it is in purchased v real human being currency (not the in-game money – Pokécoins – which space partly easily accessible for free).


The tickets might be discovered in the in-game shop. In the main Poké-ball menu, players would certainly hit ‘shop’ and scroll to uncover the ticket.

What go ‘A Colossal Discovery’ Ticket gain You?


Pass to exclude, Pokémon Release: Regigigas

The headline attraction that the ‘A Colossal Discovery’ pass was the relax of Sinnoh legendary Regigigas through a special research quest. This search was comparable to those for Mew, Celebi and Jirachi, as well as the fact that just those who acquisition a pass might receive it.

Regigigas (#486) is a Normal-type Pokémon. Therefore its sole type-weakness space Fighting-type Pokémon. It is resistant to Ghost-type attacks.

‘A Colossal Discovery’ special research study rewards

As v all story quests, players collected items, XP, stardust and also Pokémon encounters in ~ each phase of the quest. Watch our ‘A Colossal Discovery’ Walkthrough’ section for much more details.

Additional Raid Passes for Participants

‘A Colossal Discovery’ participants could receive up to 10 free Raid Passes as soon as spinning Gym photo-discs because that a limited period (normal rules used in the you deserve to only lug one at a time, but the everyday limit of one cost-free pass per spin was relaxed).

Free occasion Details – November 1 to November 4


To companion the relax of ‘A Colossal Discovery’, Niantic ran a commemorative event for every players, focused about the Regi-Trio that Regigigas is thought about the ‘trio master’ of, native Friday, November 1 2019 at 13:00 to Monday, November 4 2019 in ~ 13:00 PDT. This occasion had the complying with features:

Regirock, Regice and also Registeel in 5-Star Raids, and also in shiny type for the very first time.Certain Rock, Ice and Steel-type Pokémon hatching more frequently from eggsRelease that Shiny Skarmory2x incubator effectivenessSee AlsoRelated Games


Fri 18th Oct 2019

It"s too bad relicanth is a regional and isn"t gonna be a special generate for an occasion like this as a result


Fri 18th Oct 2019

I expect it will certainly be exit to all later, fairly than locked behind a purchase only.Pay to success is never nice to those trying come play free


AndyRogan the article specified Regigigas will be available to complimentary to pat players together well, just not as conveniently obtained.


Sat 19th Oct 2019

You’ve provided Registeel as Regice in the weakness section


Sat 19th Oct 2019

Markiemania95 i think ns must have written "Regi" so countless times i couldn"t check out this noticeable mistake! Corrected and also thanks!

Sat 19th Oct 2019

ShadJV Via EX Raids, I"ve never had actually an invite come one, nor seen one

Sat 19th Oct 2019

AndyRogan and also isn’t that how countless legendaries space available? I’ve no played walk much however even in my quick time v it I got to perform an EX Raid. The allude is they’re RNG come get access to. The payment quest right here is an option to skip the grind and get immediate accessibility to the Pokémon. It’d it is in a slap in the face to those football player willing to salary to just later do the quest complimentary for anybody. Like many things in this game, detect Regigigas is RNG, they’re just allowing people to skip the RNG for as soon as for a small fee. The different would’ve to be now allowing that option. Nothing right here is inaccessible to other players, everyone that committed to the game should have plenty of Pokémon that space likely better than this anyways, if that competitive beat you’re concerned about. And also if it’s catching them all, surely part legendaries took you just as long to find, it’s just one more out there.

ShadJV most legendaries space a monthly pursuit for perfect of 7 daily tasks, or tier 5 raids the everyone can join.

EX raids space invite only which boundaries the number able to take it part.

Mythical room usually a rarely quest

Fri 25th Oct 2019

There are reports that if you initiate the ticket acquisition on Google pat Store, then earlier out, it will offer a £1 discount to shot and certain the sale.

So you might have the ability to save a quid if you"re so inclined.

Fri 25th Oct 2019

I"m on the fence. Ns think the idea is cool however i don"t care for the Raids. I guess i have the right to go come NYC for the day to secure it yet that"s lame and i don"t live near plenty of EX Raid stops.I assume that they"ll it is in monthly research options down the roadway to finish the quests.

Fri 25th Oct 2019

I am not paying for an in-game event. It"s just not gonna happen. I would certainly pay because that something like one of the convention/safari zone things if that was fairly nearby, yet there"s no legitimate reason past greed the this is locked behind a paywall.

If this i do not care the share for events going forward, it might well it is in the finish of Pokemon go for me.

I"ll pay money rarely, top top occasion, if ns really want something in the game, but this event alters all that.

w00dm4n any type of quests in this event"s study will change after the event for anything that won"t be available as quickly once it"s over, exact same as just how the Gofest special study unown quests would change.

Heavyarms55 yeah because that anyone who doesn"t want to salary it"s worthwhile to just wait for following summer as soon as it"s inevitably reduce in 5* raids together its glowing as component of the ultra bonus

Sat 26th Oct 2019

Pokemon Go has really saw over the previous months. Consistent screw ups and also problems and also now paid tickets. You desire this Pokemon? pay 10 dollars and its yours! What a time to it is in alive. Money greed whereever girlfriend look in the electronic games business.

I candid play that a lot less than before. Many of my playmates quit too... That is a shame that they really damage the game.

NINtendo242 it’ll most likely sell yes, really well too. Which will certainly encourage them to put more Pokémon behind a paywall it will be amazing to see exactly how well the pass sells.

Sun 27th Oct 2019

Pokemon walk is an excellent fun, gets my children exercising... Yet I"ve never ever paid a dime and that won"t change.

So if us never gain Regigas, oh well.

Mon 28th Oct 2019

i bought it, planned on going come NYC come make certain i completed it and now i"m going to a landscape college town an hour native Pittsburgh.

Sun third Nov 2019

I"m no paying money, yet I was more than happy to go roughly Kyoto yesterday law raids. I"ve never prior to been able to do earlier to back to earlier tier 5 raids with full groups prefer that! the was cool. No shinys but I did catch a shining Drifloon the work before!

On another note shop were placing out "No Pokemon Go" signs because so many human being we loitering play the game. The no-fun police to be out.

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Sun 3rd Nov 2019

My wife and also I each bought a pass. The was in reality a most fun and also well precious the $8 in ours opinion. Getting invited come an EX raid is not THAT difficult. I think you just have to beat any type of 5 star raid in ~ an EX gym. This is pretty easy to perform on wednesdays in any type of decent size city. If you’re an ext rural ns feel your pain. Pokémon walk is definitely not great if you don’t live near/in a city.