Maalox is one antacid the helps v heartburn, tummy aches, nausea and indigestion.

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Are you thinking of making use of it for your dog’s uncomfortable stomach?

Here’s the deal:

We perform not recommend any kind of version of Maalox in any type of dose.

The trouble is this stomach mountain reducer has a concoction the chemicals the can conveniently be problematic for pets.

Do Not offer Your Dog Maalox

Besides, most digestive troubles will certainly pass on their own.

Maalox can complicate your dog’s life. And it can be specifically dangerous for pets that have actually an currently kidney or love condition.

Two much better OTC Ideas

Even for a healthy and balanced hound, there space way far better choices!

Pepto Bismol is a good alternative come Maalox. It has much much more of a track document for dogs and it is absolutely safer.

Milk the Magnesia is a better choice as well.

Many active Ingredients

Maalox is a combination medication which, in and of itself, makes it questionable because that a priceless pet.

The line of assets contain numerous energetic ingredients (too many) consisting of aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, potassium and also sodium.

That’s no all.

Simethicone, another active ingredient, is found in Maalox Plus. Fairly honestly, Gas-X is more secure for reducing flatulence and/or bloating.

Giving your dog Maalox could cause their electrolytes to become out that whack.

You’ve additionally got to be on the lookout for general weakness and an irregular heart beat if your dog gets Maalox. The very same goes for similar antacids such together Mylanta.

Confusion and also FDA Warning

Perhaps you have a party of Maalox sitting in your medication cabinet?

Take a closer look in ~ the label. It could be expired which would obviously make it dangerous for your dog or anyone rather for that matter.

We mention this since it is rarely to check out this antacid in stores this days. Production has been doubt at the main manufacturing facility.

Further, the FDA has actually warned about mix-ups about Maalox products.

But again, for her dog’s sake, it need to be off boundaries regardless.

Monitor for Symptoms

Have you currently given this product come a pet?

Vomiting and/or diarrhea may take place if Maalox is no sitting well v your dog.

Other signs have the right to be a little bit harder come spot such as a negative appetite or rumbling noises comes from the stomach.

You must stop offering Maalox if your dog experiences these effects. It might be doing much more harm than good.

Meds are Not a K9 Cure

Chronic situations of doggie digestive troubles way you need the aid of a veterinarian (not one antacid).

A fight or miss strategy with over-the-counter drugs (such a Maalox) isn’t the systems you are browsing for.

Try utilizing Food Instead

Want a natural alternate to Maalox?

Certain foods can improve your dog’s minor stomach problems.

Pumpkin or boiled rice have tendency to an extremely effectively soothing the digestive system. Try it!

The Bottom Line

Maalox is a mix drug the is no safe sufficient for animals.

It is a bad idea to give your dog this antacid, and your vet will likely confirm this.

Thankfully there space superior medicines and excellent food remedies you can shot instead.

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There room very an excellent reasons why Maalox is not commonly used on dogs. Do not administer it in any type of amount.