Some of you might be wonder if the ol’ vinyl liner can make it one more season. The pool over will definitely need a brand-new pool liner.

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In-ground liners may last longer than aboveground liners, but at some point all vinyl liner swimming pool owners will challenge a decision to repair the liner or to change it.

Faded pool Liners

Over time, the sun will fade several of the bright or darker color of your swimming pool liner, especially on the optimal steps and at the waterline.

Chlorine can also bleach a liner in localized areas from undissolved pool shock or all over, if chlorine levels have been very high for extended periods the time.

For bleaching or faded liners, we have actually no dye the you can just throw in the pool, and there is no such point as pool liner paint.


For waterline fading and small tears or rips at the waterline, one solid repair can be to download BorderLines, an adhesive strip comparable to a wall record border, the you affix to the top 6 customs of the liner. It deserve to really brighten up faded swimming pool liners!

Leaking pool Liners

Sometimes you deserve to have a leak in a vinyl pool, which proceeds to leak ~ plugging the lines, so you know it’s in the vinyl, yet where?

Finding a feet in a vinyl liner have the right to be a tiny like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If the water stabilizes in ~ one specific level, look because that a small patch of debris stuck onto the vinyl that has been sucked right into the hole.

The best method to uncover a swimming pool leak might be (if the water is heat enough), to use a diver’s mask and snorkel to search the entire pool closely. You have the right to use colored dye in a little bottle come dye test doubt areas, which should incorporate the cutout areas about the steps, returns, skimmers and lights.

Most leaking pool liners are fixed, there is no a need to replace. In cases where there space dozens the leaks, from ice cream or animal damage, or from children using the pool pole to pole vault into the pool, you may need to buy a brand-new pool liner.

Ripped or take it Vinyl Liners

Small tears, 1-2 inches in length, can be easily patched v a vinyl liner patch kit.

Large tears, those of number of inches to number of feet, can likewise be patched using bigger pieces that vinyl, but the long-term success of the patch might be doubtful. Many human being would additionally rather not have a patchwork quilt for a pool liner and may like to change when budget allows.


Patches have tendency to have the finest success as soon as they room small, and also not in a edge or also close to the bead, or any type of of the “cuts” to the vinyl: steps, returns, skimmers, lights. Vinyl repairs on the wall surface are generally successful, if the vinyl is no overly stretched and stressed in that area. If it’s high top top the wall, patch the dry; low wall or floor patches room usually spot wet, or underwater.

If the vinyl liner is an extremely old, rips and also tears will certainly occur, look at on their own. Vinyl liner of a specific age end up being hard and also brittle, and can easily snap, or tear horizontally, near the waterline, as displayed in the optimal image.

There is most likely no real must replace the liner for simply a little tear, or even a big one, however if the in its entirety condition the the liner is resulting in tears and rips, over there will shortly be plenty of more, and at some point, it’s time to plan for a pool liner replacement.

Wrinkles in a Vinyl Liner

Don’t feel poor if you have a pucker or two; numerous vinyl pools have actually wrinkles. Wrinkles have the right to be part of a miscalculated liner installation, or they can be a result of erosion under the liner, or the vinyl can pucker in particular corrosive water conditions.

Wrinkles not just look bad, yet they also form a weak point out in the liner and also a spot vulnerable to gift snagged by swimming pool cleaning tools or automatic swimming pool cleaners. Countless wrinkles will additionally trap dirt against the folds, i m sorry can assist bacteria and also algae grow.

Once wrinkles have been under the weight of water for any type of length that time, they become hard, if not impossible, to fully remove. Over there is usually little one deserve to do to fix a wrinkled liner.

Stained swimming pool Liners

It’s not unusual for spring to carry some odd color to pool liners and steps. If balancing and shocking the pool doesn’t remove liner stains, you can renew the hue of your liner with our stain remove chemicals for vinyl liners.


In the old days, stains ~ above a pool liner to be not basic to remove, however with therefore many dedicated stain removers, there is usually no have to replace a pool liner due to the fact that of staining.

If this year is the year because that a new pool liner, examine out our an option of in-ground liners and also aboveground liners, and also vinyl liner surroundings accessories.

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If friend have any questions around pool liner troubles of her own, see our related short articles below, or give our vinyl liner techs a call at 800-288-7946.

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Gil Legault ~ above October 1, 2020 at 2:32 to be said:

thanks a lot, makes sense; I would certainly think they have been installing pools for 10 yrs they should understand this;

they had actually to drainpipe the swimming pool once because they end tightened the main drain connectors and cracked the fittings; is it possible when they drained the pool and refilled it the is as soon as the liner didnt’ stretch back;

one critical question; installer doesn’t like key drains; we are in Canada, cold winters; my last pool had actually them, no issues, so ns asked to have them put in; he appears to think they space nothing but trouble, concerns with freezing, leaking etc.what’s your opinion? he’s even readily available to put in a brand-new liner following spring if we have the right to remove key drains and just run through one skimmer! of course I have to pay for fifty percent the liner!thanks for this reason much, I’m not having great experience here;