"Does Wii U pat Blu-ray disc?" is the one the most renowned questions civilization are concerned about Wii U or Nintendo Wii. It is well known that PS4 and also Blu-ray disc space both make by Sony, so PS4 support for Blu-ray discs apparently. Yet the famous Nintendo Wii has no together luck. If you search on the Internet, friend would likewise be disappointed by the results. Even the main site the Wii U gives the answer "No" to the inquiry "Does Wii U beat DVD or Blu-Ray discs?" Nevertheless, that does not average that it"s impossible. In fact, you can still beat Blu-ray on Wii v ease as long as girlfriend can gain the correct method. The following post will provide you the ideal yet simplest an approach to aid you pat Blu-ray top top Wii U or Nintendo Wii.

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Part 1. Deserve to Wii U pat Blu-ray directly?

Nintendo states the gaming console Wii/Wii U won"t beat DVD or Blu-ray discs, due to patent licensing fees.


Wii U does not have actually DVD or Blu-ray playback capabilities because Nintendo feeling that enough people currently have tools that are capable of play DVDs and Blu-ray, such the it didn"t warrant the cost associated to construct that functionality into the Wii U console because of the patents regarded those technologies.

It method that you can"t beat Blu-ray disc directly on Wii U. But still, you have the chance to access Blu-ray movies on Wii U complying with the method below.

Part 2. Exactly how to beat Blu-ray bowl on Wii U?

Although Wii U go not support the straight playback of Blu-ray disc, there are other ways to go. We understand that there are two facets which decide if a Blu-ray movie disc can be played: the hardware (Blu-ray drive) and also software (app come play Blu-ray disc). Let"s examine these two factors of Wii and Wii-U at first:

1. Wii equips a DVD drive, the preset application "Photo Channel" have the right to play AVI/MOV video clip with MJPEG format.

2. Wii-U equips a modified Blu-ray drive, over there is a "hidden function" come stream MP4 video clip from computer to Wii-U.

Therefore, you can play Blu-ray top top Wii U by making a digital copy of your Blu-ray movie come Wii U compatible media formats, such as AVI, MOV, MP4, etc. In bespeak to execute this, you require to convert Blu-ray to Wii U and also Wii sustained media first.

How to convert Blu-ray come Wii U or Wii

To rip a Blu-ray key for play on Wii U, a professional video clip converter is necessary. Below we would favor to recommend you the best video clip Converter Ultimate, which offers you default video formats because that Wii U and many other game hardware consisting of PSP, PS4, Xbox 360, etc, so the you can transform Blu-ray come Wii U with quick speed and extremely high quality. Now cost-free download this Blu-ray Ripper and follow the steps below to beat Blu-ray ~ above Wii U.

Step 1Load Blu-ray and also start come rip Blu-ray disc

Insert the Blu-ray bowl you desire to rip come the Blu-ray drive. Wait until it is detected. Climate click "Load Disc" switch on the top left of the main interface.


Step 2Convert video to Wii-supported format

Check the video you need, climate click the drop-down food selection of Profile and also choose the Wii U-supported video clip formats (AVI, MOV). ~ that, click "Convert" to convert Blu-ray through no top quality loss.

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Note: utilizing the very same method, girlfriend can additionally output Blu-ray disc come other video game consoles such as PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/Xbox One especially optimized file formats for much better playback.

Step 3Copy records to her SD card and Play Blu-ray movie on Wii U

After the conversion, you deserve to simply copy your brand-new Wii-compatible video clip file(s) straight onto your SD card. Once it"s done, simply remove the SD map from her computer, stick that in the Wii console, sit ago and acquire ready to enjoy your Blu-ray movie on Wii!

Part 3. Bonus tip: better way to gain Blu-ray movie various other than Wii U

As you can see, even though girlfriend can convert Blu-ray to other media formats and enjoy ~ above Wii U, it would be time-consuming through the whole converting thing. If friend don"t urge Wii U, we suggest you to gain Blu-ray movie on one professional Blu-ray player. I"m sure you"ll get better home-theater-like experience.

Mac Blu-ray Player For success Mac Blu-ray Player is a powerful player that can play Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder, Blu-ray ISO document and usual media files and also videos smoothly. It has actually upscale come play Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file, ultra HD videos, HD, SD video files. Together a media player support HDR, friend can get the ideal image experiences. This Mac Blu ray play application is compatible v a wide selection of media formats.

In this article, we mainly present the best technique to beat Blu-ray bowl on Wii U or Nintendo Wii. If you space still wonder "Can Wii U pat Blu-ray disc" or other questions, feel complimentary to leave her comments below!