I"m no sure around the usage of the comma ~ the C.J.

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Is this correct punctuation? are there better, much less awkward, alternatives?



I agree a comma immediately following a period or full stop does look weird, however it would certainly look worse without!

"Bob, C.J, Greg and also Charles all checked out the store."

So your way of punctuating was in the end, correct.

Bob, C.J., Greg and Charles all visited the store.

The preeminence is that a comma mustn"t seek an initial, ever.

I go a little bit of research study to dual check and also I didn"t find anything the contradicted mine gut feeling.



However, girlfriend could change the order of names thereby staying clear of the inaesthetic coupling the the period and comma.

"Bob, Greg, Charles and also C.J. all saw the store."

EDIT: I thought it finest to rephrase and readjust the original modal verb, "shouldn"t" to "mustn"t" to avoid any possible misinterpretation. Ns hope, I"ve do myself clearer!

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The durations in C.J. Don"t punctuate. Lock act much more like letters, and also can for this reason be taken into consideration spelling rather than punctuation. Order doesn"t impact how you use commas, therefore feel totally free to use a comma ~ C.J. At any time it renders sense to execute so.

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The only exception I can think that is once you finish a sentence through a word the ends through a period. In that case, the duration has to do twin duty: it"s both order and punctuation. Including a second duration would go against convention.

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