Public opinion on marijuana has evolved quickly. Whether for medical ailments or simply for fun, use of marijuana in the USA is on the increase, and whatever one’s factor is for cigarette smoking pot, it doesn’t go amethod as soon as it’s time for vacation. The legal and also useful effects of bringing pot or various other THC-laden products on a cruise are incredibly vital to consider though.

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Let me start by making somepoint clear: I don’t personally treatment if you use any kind of kind of cannabis product – it doesn’t bvarious other me one little bit. My opinion however, doesn’t matter, and as I’ll suggest out in a moment, neither carry out the laws in your state.

Cruise Line Policies on Marijuana

Eexceptionally cruise line has policies (noted online and also in your cruise contract) that list what cannot be brought onto these ships, and also eexceptionally line we contacted and also researched, provided in miscellaneous terms, that drugs or controlled substances are prohibited. Some lines, such as Carnival and NCL, particularly describe that clinical marijuana is prohibited.

Norwegian Cruise Line, Prohibited Items List: “1. All illegal narcotics/drugs. (Including Marijuana prescribed for clinical objectives and other items supplied as drug paraphernalia...)”
Your Cruise Contract Contains Important Information - Including About Marijuana

Do Cruise Lines Check for Marijuana When You Board?

Cruise lines have actually their very own protection steps, some of which are dictated by corporate policy, and others by the laws of the port of embarkation. Several of these security procedures are quickly visible, such as x-ray machines, pat downs, bag searches, etc. Others are not as conspicuous, and also might include dogs and/or equipments that sniff out dangerous chemicals, explosives, or drugs.

In enhancement, neighborhood police departments and also various other law enforcement agencies patrol cruise ports – and also reliably, US Customs and also Border Protection is present at the finish of cruises, looking to ensure that prohibited items, ranging from drugs to create, execute not enter the nation.


Our Bag, Delivered to Our Stateroom With a Sticker Indicating It Was Inspected by a K9.

Okay, But I Think I Can Sneak it on the Ship

Frankly, while I am comfortable through the protection procedures cruise lines have in place, I bet you have the right to quickly lug weed onto a cruise ship. THC vape cartridges don’t smell, edibles are inconspicuous, and hey, you can probably simply put a baggie in your pocket favor once you fly, right? Sure, most likely. Of course, the 24 human being arrested for possession of marijuana, cocaine, and also MDMA while boarding Norwegian Epic in for a 2018 cruise out of Port Canaveral could not want to try it aget.

Security Camages Are Everywbelow on Ships - But Very Well Hidden

What Happens if Your Caught Brining Marijuana on a Cruise Ship

Many cruises leave from Florida, California, New York, and also Washington – all states through exceptionally relaxed regulations and also social mindsets towards pot. In truth, California and Washington have legalized recreational use of marijuana, and also New York and also Florida have widespreview legal clinical usage of marijuana. That in mind, the laws of your state don’t issue.

In addition to that truth that as of 2019, possession of marijuana is against federal legislation in the USA, you’re acquiring on a ship, and that ship is leaving the port. Even if you live in Florida, have actually a clinical marijuana card, and also are boarding the ship in Florida, the ship is leaving, and also is not part of that (or any) state.

A defense Guard Watching Over Sunbathers on a Cruise Ship

Get Comfortable via Drug Laws in Haiti, Dominideserve to Republic, the Barbados, etc

Due to the fact that you’re on a ship visiting different countries, you have the right to think of it like being in a car and also driving right into an additional state – you, your auto, and also everything inside is crossing borders. International boarders don’t begin at the beach either, so also if you demanifested any type of contraband prior to docking, you might still be breaking the rules in a different nation – never before mind the laws of the country of registry for the ship.

If while at sea someone reports that you might have actually somepoint illegal, the ship’s protection team might alert regional authorities that might then board the ship upon docking and search your room and also possessions based on regional legislations, without a warrant, and so on.

Think this doesn’t happen? Think aacquire – it happens more than you’d think.

In late 2018, an American were arrested in Bermuda pertained to possession of marijuana. Meghan George, was searched by a customizeds main as she was boarding Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas. The local authorities then searched her stateroom and uncovered pipes, a grinder, and also a vape cartridge with cannabis oil. She was fined $4,000, which had actually to be paid before leaving the island also.

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In Conclusion

Can you likely gain away through brining marijuana or various other THC commodities on a cruise ship? Sure. But, if you execute get recorded, the consequences have the right to be substantial. Federal charges in the US, or also arremainder in a foreign country that may have extremely various laws (and prisons) than what you’re supplied to. Neither of those scenarios sound prefer an enjoyable vacation - I gain upcollection having to go residence at the end of a cruise, I can"t imagine going to jail in the middle of one. Now, if you desire to know what you need to pack on your pilgrimage, we have actually a area of totally legal posts all set and waiting for you.