If her weed is wet, don"t panic. Even if it is you spilled a drink or your marijuana is just a tiny on the soggy side, we"re right here to help. Here"s just how to phone call if your weed is also wet, what happens if girlfriend smoke it, and also how you deserve to dry it safely.

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When it pertains to storing weed, you want to maintain that sticky-icky sweet spot. Not too dry, not also moist, yet just right. In company of perfectly preserved bud, a lot of of short articles focus on exactly how to keep your weed from drying out. But, what carry out you do if her weed gets wet? And, how do you tell if your bud is simply sticky, or too moist altogether?

Well, consider us the savants the ganja. We"ve already covered tips and also tricks for keeping freshness and rescuing overly-dry buds. Now, let"s obtain into what you have the right to do if her weed is as well wet.

IS her WEED yes, really WET OR simply STICKY?


It have the right to seem choose a well line in between damp buds and sticky perfection. Here"s how you deserve to tell whether your weed is dodgy:

If that squishes once you lightly squeeze it, your weed is most likely too moist. That course, you desire a small stickiness. Perfect cured buds feel sticky since they"re coated in THC crystals. Yet they still have a little of bounce (not squish).

While wet weed can feel a little sticky come the touch, that won"t in reality stick to her fingers. However that"s what you want—buds that feel choose they"ve gained a little of honey on them. If it seems like you could find it at a Turkish bakery (think baklava), you"re good. If it appears a little water-logged or spongy, you"ve got a trouble on her hands.



Smoking weed that"s too wet isn"t generally dangerous. The won"t reason you come melt into a puddle, evil Witch the the West style. But, like smoking dried-out buds, cigarette smoking wet weed have the right to be annoying and also unpleasant. You"ll likely discover that it"s tough to grind, doesn"t burn properly, and also tastes bad. Crucially, it"s also feasible that wet weed won"t acquire you together high (we bet that obtained your attention).

Why would certainly wet weed be less effective? It"s no so much that humidity reduces its potency on a chemistry level. The difficulty is more that overly moist buds are difficult to burn. Also, needing to relight her bowl or share over and over method you"ll for sure waste much more of your stash just trying to keep it burning.

If girlfriend bought weed the was already too moist, friend could additionally be getting ripped off. Obviously, wet weed is heavier 보다 bud that"s perfectly cured. That method you can have payment a water taxation on your current acquisition. The allude is, wet weed equals more work, much more waste, an ext money, and also less enjoyment. Every around, not ideal.



While cigarette smoking wet weed isn"t necessarily negative for her health, for how long the weed continues to be wet does do a difference. A moist environment is a hotbed because that mould, fungi, and also bacteria. So, if you leave her weed wet for too long, you might end increase with more than girlfriend bargained for. Smoking cigarettes mouldy weed deserve to lead to headaches, breath problems, and even pneumonia. For the reason, if her weed acquired wet, it"s much safer to dry it out best away.

Whatever drying technique you use, friend should check your weed because that mould before and also after the drying process. If you notification it smells a little like critical week"s takeaway, or if it has anything visibly cultivation on it, it"s most likely safer to cut your losses and toss her stash. On that note, let"s acquire into specifically what you can do if her weed gets wet.


Maybe you"re a grower and also didn"t cure the properly, maybe it rained while her weed was in your bag, or probably you spilled a drink. Honestly, probably it"s just extremely humid outside. Over there are countless reasons your weed could be holding a little bit too lot moisture. Luckily, there space a few things you have the right to do to rectify the situation.



If you"ve ever spilled a drink on her cellphone, you"re probably familiar with this method. Well, it turns out uncooked rice is an excellent for rescuing more than electronics. If your weed is wet, place it in a bowl or bag and cover the in rice.

The dried rice will absorb the excess moisture, returning your buds to their full glory. Depending upon how wet your weed is, you need to leave the in the rice because that at the very least 24 hours. If it"s still too moist when you examine it, offer it an additional day or so. Just make certain to leaving the rice container open so that humidity can escape.


Got wet weed? Don"t worry—you"ve acquired this in the bag. In various other words, if your weed is a little too moist, you have the right to leave the to dried in a closed file bag. Placed the bag in a cool, dry place. If girlfriend have access to a dehumidifier, now is the moment to rotate it on. The bag will permit air come circulate, when protecting your sprout from trichome-damaging light.

You deserve to also try wrapping your cannabis in file towels before placing the in the bag. Likewise to rice, the file towel will aid absorb few of the moisture. Change the paper towel and also turn over your weed every pair of hours, making certain to check it for mould. This will also permit any residual humidity come escape indigenous the bag (again, airflow is key).



If you"re a grower, you"re probably acquainted with the fight against moisture and mould. ~ a successful harvest, it"s crucial tocure your buds properly. The devices used because that curing can additionally be offered to eliminate moisture from formerly perfect buds. If her weed is full-on wet, you could want to try the rice method first. If it"s just a little too damp, try adding a humidipak to your airtight storage container.

Products favor the Boveda Humidipak 62 are designed to keep your sprout at one optimal 62% humidity. Lock not only remove overfill moisture, but add it earlier in as soon as your weed gets also dry. That"s an added benefit. It ensures you won"t accidentally dry the end your weed too much in the procedure of conserving it indigenous a soggy death.



When weed it s okay wet, it have the right to be tempting come use warm to dried it. After ~ all, chances are you want to smoke that sooner rather than later. In spite of this all too organic impulse, it"s vital to protect against shortcuts that involve light and heat.

Using a punch dryer, one oven, or dispersing your weed out in the sun have the right to leave you v a lower-quality stash. That"s since light and also heat will certainly degrade trichomes. What you save in time, you might lose in potency. Not just that, you operation the hazard of over-drying your buds, leading to a harsher, much less enjoyable smoke.

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Wet weed is uncomfortable at best, terrible at worse (hello mould!). While crashes happen, there room some measures you can take to protect against excess moisture from threatening your stash. The score is the Goldilocks zone. Fresh is best, and also it all starts through storing her cannabis properly. Keep your weed in one airtight container and also put that container in a dry, dark, and also cool place. Basic enough, right?

Mason jars occupational well, however if friend really desire to treat her weed right, invest in a specialised storage container. The CVault is both airtight and also light-tight. It likewise comes v a humidipak come really assist your stash last. Just stay away from plastic baggies. After ~ all, you"re a three connoisseur, and also dime bags room so last season.