For part people, having an electric blanket provides the added warmth the they need. With a memory foam mattress, you can feel a tiny trepidation around using one. For this reason the concern is, might outside warm mess up the equation? 

While some memory foam might not have the ability to handle an electrical blanket, the Nectar mattress is may be to job-related with an electric blanket there is no harm to her mattress (and more importantly yourself).

So you can usage an electric blanket with memory foam mattresses. With that in mind, we have actually three fast safety tips for using your electrical blanket safely, soundly, and also snuggly. So read up and grab her comfort pillows, it’s around to obtain cozy increase in here.

3. Prep the Mattress by place an electric Blanket over the Sheet


Memory foam works by using your body natural heat to contour to your pressure points. Once you introduce too much exterior heat right into that equation, it have the right to mess through that. One easy method to protect against this sort of problem is to begin with your blanket top top its lowest setting. Increase the temperature together needed. Enable your ceiling plenty the time to warm up, periodically the heating facet in electrical blankets require time to reach their setting. Cranking increase a ceiling too quick can leaving you (and your bed) emotion uncomfortable.

It’s likewise important to note that this is true that non-memory foam mattresses together well. Electric blankets work ideal when provided sparingly, and also lightly. Her body is a great natural source of heat, and will normally store some of it in between your mattress and your blankets. While the tencel cooling cover is designed to wick far excess body heat, the will enable for some heat to be retained. Incremental, tiny steps are always best as soon as using any type of sort of man-made heating device.

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1. An electric Blanket demands to be on a Timer

This is a biggie. Most electrical blankets come equipped v a timer. It’s crucial to usage it! whether you have actually a storage foam mattress or not, leaving an electric blanket on can develop discomfort, severe injury, or worse. Make use of the timer function on her blanket to make certain that you have actually a safe and comfortable night’s sleep. Nothing trust that you’ll stay awake long sufficient to revolve it off. You additionally may be surprised to recognize that you don’t need lot time for an electrical blanket to perform its job. As small as ten minutes usually is enough to warm a bed to the sleeper’s liking.

So over there you have actually it, through a couple of simple rules her Nectar is prepared to be paired through your favorite electrical blanket. While that always good to exercise part caution as soon as using an man-made heat source, understand that you have the right to use her favorite responsibly to gain a night’s sleep it is comfy, cozy, and warm.

You may likewise like to check out ours weighted blankets that use pressure touch modern technology to help you sleep better.

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Many memory foam mattresses cannot manage the additional use of an electric blanket. However, Nectar mattresses can. There are three safety and security tips you have to follow. Pointer one is to usage a sheet in between the mattress and the electrical blanket. Tip two is keep the blanket at low temperatures. Come learn about tip three, visit

So gain your electrical blanket with a brand-new Nectar mattress! See just how cozy and Nectar walk together favor peanut butter and jelly. There’s never been a better time to gain comfy!