Before friend drop hundreds on sports expenses, inspect out mine strategy for conserving at the very least 50% at DICK’S Sporting Goods:


1. Join DICK’S email list to acquire 10% off your next purchase to add exclusive coupons.

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Sign up to receive Dick’s emails and get a promo for 10% turn off your following purchase.

They’ll send sale cautions to your inbox, as well as exclusive coupons favor 20% off any single item or $20 off your $100 order (exclusions apply).



2. Knife bonus ScoreCard points when you download and use the DICK’S app.


Such as:

50 bonus ScoreCard points because that logging in to the app (300 clues = $10 off)100 bonus ScoreCard points because that connecting your FitBit600 points because that completing Move difficulties ($20 off)


3. Buy a discounted gift map for field & Stream at 17% off, then usage it in ~ DICK’s.


Gift cards for DICK’S, Golf Galaxy, and also Field & Stream are interchangeable. So, head over to come buy everything gift card is discounted the most, then use it in ~ DICK’S.

Last time I confirm, both Dick’s and Golf Galaxy discounted gift cards to be 15% off, but Field & currently was virtually 17% off!


4. Invest $49 or an ext online come get free shipping, then return what girlfriend don’t desire to the store for free.


Bring items right into a DICK’S save for a cost-free return within 60 days. However keep in mind that details items prefer firearms and also ammunition might not it is in returned.


5. Pick up her online purchase within 2 hours to prevent shipping fees.


See an online exclusive? purchase it online and pick it up at the keep within 2 hours (pending inventory).

You’ll stop shipping and you i will not ~ be charged for her order till you pick it up.


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6. Skip DICK’S on society media if she not into Pro tips or contests.

If you’re looking for coupons, join the mailing list (see #1). If you’re in search of contests and Pro tips like how to acquire the right baseball gloves for her kid, start following DICK’S on society media.


7. DICK’S digital clearance is far better than in-store clearance.

Definitely shop clearance digital — yes sir a enlarge and much more organized selection than anything you’ll discover in-store.

But you have the right to still pick up details items in-store to save on shipping if your regional store has it!


Just carry proof of acquisition with you once requesting this freebies:


9. Obtain 50% off services to re-string your lacrosse stick.

Just purchase the mesh string forward at any DICK’S or online. Lug your evidence of acquisition with you.


10. DICK’S will certainly price enhance competitor prices but won’t accept their coupons.

Show your cashier a regional competitor’s advertised price ~ above an the same brand and also model number to obtain their ideal Price Promise price match.

Competitors include any type of authorized retailer — prefer Sportsman’s Warehouse and also Amazon.

This excludes rebates; bonus provides (including BOGO); coupons; totally free offers; gift map offers; clearance, closeout, out-of-stock, and also used items.


11. Full priced items finish in $0.00 or $0.99. Always use coupons if you must buy these!

Use the “$20 off your $100 order” promo (usually emailed to you) because that these items.


13. Shop ~ above Sunday.

Generally, sales start on Sunday, and also since rain checks room out the the question, you’ll want to obtain the deals while list is high.


14. Sign up for the ScoreCard rewards program to receive 1 suggest per $1 spent.

300 point out = $10 off. ~ signing up, you’ll start receiving exclusive email coupons favor 20% off a regular-priced article (exclusions apply).

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15. Use coupons and points at DICK’S, Golf Galaxy, or field & Stream.

Earn and redeem points in ~ DICK’S Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy and Field & Stream.

The coupons you obtain as part of the ScoreCard program can additionally be used at any kind of of these retailers too. However, they can not be used on clearance items.


16. Aim because that at least 50% savings.

Surprisingly, DICK’S sales often tend to be better than clearance prices. They’ll regularly have approximately 50% markdowns throughout equipment and apparel sales, however clearance items typically selection from 20-30% off.


17. Lug in your receipt for items that have gone on revenue within 30 days to gain a price adjustment.

If something friend bought goes on revenue within 30 days, take your receipt ago in to collect the difference.


18. Obtain online price while purchase in-store.

Double-check DICK’S website while shopping. If friend spot something that is cheaper digital (including clearance!) simply ask one employee come price complement their website because that you.


19. Employees obtain a 10-25% discount at DICK’S Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, ar & Stream, True Runner, and Chelsea collective stores.

Get 25% off every full-priced footwear, apparel, and hardline merchandise.

Certain hardline items prefer treadmills, boats, and also golf balls have the right to only be discounted 10%. Employee discounts can not be applied to Sony electronics, firearms, ammunition, fuel, tennis balls, gift cards and also other items.

Associates can also enjoy health and wellness benefits, 401K, tuition reimbursement (salaried associates only), and adoption assistance.


The yearly Golf-A-Thon, which ends mid-April, is the year’s greatest golf sale.

Buy 3 crate of Titleist personalized golf balls and get 1 free (up come $55 savings), get 50% turn off a complete collection of optimal Flite men’s or women’s clubs, and BOGO apparel.


21. Get funding for her youth sporting activities team.

The DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Sponsorship & Donations routine is set up to aid all youth teams gain the capital they need.

You can get started on having your very own youth sports team sponsor by answering a couple of questions top top the app.


22. Because that an extra 20% off, google “DICK’S promo code” prior to paying.

If girlfriend don’t currently have a coupon or promo code, renowned sites favor typically offer rebates or promo code deals such together 20% turn off a single item, or $20 turn off a $100 purchase.


23. Skip the DICK’S credit card.

While you’ll acquire 2 ScoreCard point out (instead that 1 point) every $1 invested at DICK’S, Golf Galaxy, or field & Stream with the DICK’S credit card and 1 allude for every $3 invested on out-of-store purchases, there aren’t any type of other actual perks.

I introduce going because that a cash or take trip rewards credit card instead.


24. Shop clearance sales after ~ Christmas.

DICK’S has significant clearance sales best after Christmas, particularly on giftable items prefer sports equipment and also apparel.

Also examine by the register for steep discounts on vacation items. Ns scored 3 roll of sturdy Christmas wrapping file for $2.99 (regularly $12.99).


25. Shop through Ebates to get up to 1.5% cash back on your DICK’s virtual purchase.

Once you authorize up, just go come the EBATES website first, find for DICK’S, and click into DICK’S website indigenous there. You can easily claim 1.5% cash earlier on her purchases.


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26. Usage ’em or lose ’em through January 31.

No matter how numerous ScoreCard points you earn, they’ll expire on the Saturday closest to January 31st every year.

And no, girlfriend cannot usage expired points no matter just how nicely friend ask!


27. Shop because that biking gear in July and aim for 50% off.

Bikes, biking gear and apparel typically hit as much as 50% turn off in July. Shot the 4th of July weekend revenue to get the best discounts.


28. Get The north Face and Columbia winter equipment in March for 40-50% off.

Have your eye on a subzero North face jacket?

Buy it in March because that the complying with season to save fifty percent the cost. Store a lookout in your email for a $50 bonus v a North challenge purchase throughout this sale too!


When my child was beginning soccer because that the very first time, i purchased a youth soccer bundle which had soccer cleats, shin guards, and a round for only $35 (a $10 savings).


30. Mail-in rebates room flagged with a red sign on end-caps.

Check the end this PowerBait mail-in rebate: If you buy 4 for $14.99, you get $10 back!

They’re only $4.99 to start with, therefore this is like obtaining 3 because that free.


31. Save $20 by checking the bottom of your receipt.

Your receipt may incorporate a “$20 off your $100 purchase” coupon in ~ the an extremely bottom.

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Just be certain to inspect the date for as soon as you deserve to use it, due to the fact that it i will not ~ be right away!


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