Nintendo consoles constantly seem to leaving a lasting impression on their fans, and the GameCube is no exception. However, if the early models of the Nintendo Wii featured backwards compatibility, the Wii U did not.

Don't worry, though, the Wii U can play GameCube games. Restoring backwards compatibility is easy when you use Nintendont. This Homebrew software application puts the GameCube earlier on the Wii U while including extra attributes to boot.

Here's just how to play GameCube gamings on your Wii U through Nintendont.

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What Is Nintendont?

Nintendont isn't an emulator, since it doesn't need to emulate the GameCube's hardware. As soon as Nintendo ditched GameCube assistance on the Wii U, they efficiently flipped a digital switch to rotate the feature off.

Nintendont transforms that switch back on again, permitting you to run GameCube natively at complete speed. This make use of is possible as the "final" firmware used on the original Wii and in vWii setting on the Wii U is susceptible to tampering.

By installation the Homebrew Channel, it's feasible to install and also run all sorts of added applications on your Wii, including these great emulators to run on her Wii.

Nintendont is a bootloader because that GameCube games, however, installing Nintendont walk not typical that your Wii U can play your initial GameCube discs (but we'll acquire to that later).

wii u
Nintendont is terrific option because that Nintendo Wii U owners. The platform's comparatively restricted library is soon bolstered by an additional 600-plus titles. That's a massive benefit that adds to the present Wii U titles and also most the the Wii library.

Nintendont additionally brings part useful new features come the Wii U:

Memory map emulation, allowing local save game storage support for Bluetooth controllers favor the Sony PS3 and PS4 controllers support for common USB controllers force games come use greater video resolution and also output in 16:9 accessibility to a cheat database

Nintendont also works on the Nintendo Wii, which permits you come use initial GameCube discs. Conversely, the Wii U spits the end the small 8cm discs.

because that Wii U owners, GameCube titles should be ripped come a disk picture file. Just make sure you own the originals, together piracy IS illegal.

for Wii owners, installing Nintendont adds assistance for brand-new controllers and also graphical enhancements. Similarly, Wii owners have the right to use original GameCube storage cards.

Essentially, installation Nintendont means you get to use your console in a brand-new way.

exactly how to download the Homebrew Channel on her Wii or Wii U

To download Nintendont on your Wii U or Wii, you'll an initial need to download the Homebrew Channel.

There room a couple of different ways to perform this, however it's smartest come stick to the many recent options. The process has gotten much easier over the years—the less time you invest hacking your Nintendo, the much more time you'll have actually for gaming.

Hack her Wii U with the Homebrew Channel
The essential thing come remember is the Nintendont doesn't need any extr USB loaders, cIOS revisions, or various other tweaks. You just need to get your console come a state where the Homebrew Channel has actually been installed.

nevertheless of i beg your pardon console friend have, you'll have to download a few files and also put them on a continuous SD card. This have to not it is in an SDHC or SDXC and should be much less than 8GB in many cases. As soon as you download the Homebrew Channel, you can use bigger SD cards and even USB sticks v your console.

If you currently have the Homebrew Channel installed, you deserve to skip this step.

download Nintendont on the Nintendo Wii U

through Homebrew set up on her Nintendo, follow these steps:

style an SD card, maximum 8GB, come FAT32 Head to the Nintendont task at GitHub and also download: save these come a folder top top the SD card called apps/nintendont/ Rename loader.dol as boot.dol In the root of the SD card, create a brand-new folder called /games Copy GameCube game records to the /games/ directory for two-disc games, location both disc pictures in a subdirectory, /games/TITLE (where TITLE should be the surname of the game) and rename key 1 to game.iso and also disc2 to disc2.iso Insert the SD map in the Wii U begin the Homebrew Channel, choose Nintendont, and also load the GameCube location

Nintendont Features and Tweaks

through Nintendont running you are given the choice of SD or USB storage, and also original media (disc drive).

Nintendont settings menu
However, there's likewise a settings menu to explore. A couple of settings you could want to permit include:

Memcard Emulation: offers your USB or SD device to store games (turn this off to use physical memory cards) Force Widescreen: Self-explanatory, might break points Force Progressive: constantly use 480p, again, may break points Auto Boot: allows you come resume the last game you to be playing when you launch Nintendont (hold B on your WiiMote in ~ startup to bypass) Native Control: enables support for genuine GameCube equipment on a Wii, choose the video game Boy advancement link cable. Disable this to use other USB controllers v Nintendont Patch PAL50: precious trying if you can't get certain games working, for example, supervisor Mario Sunshine

indigenous the Settings screen, you can access the Update menu. Select Download to use USB controllers choose the PS4 controller v your console.

playing Nintendo GameCube gamings on the Wii

As provided earlier, Nintendont can additionally run in Homebrew top top the Nintendo Wii. No all models of the Wii have the right to play GameCube games without modding the console. However, they can read the physics discs v a tiny tweaking, in some ways, making that preferable to playing GameCube gamings on your Wii U.

So, you can install the Homebrew Channel, and set up Nintendont on her SD card as defined above. Then just insert your favorite old GameCube disc and also start playing.

This also way that if you have actually both consoles, you deserve to use the Nintendo Wii to rip your own GameCube discs. Usage a tool called CleanRip to do this, saving the ZIP document to the /apps/ directory just like Nintendont.

start CleanRip in Nintendont ~ above the Wii through the GameCube video game disc inserted. The disc will be ripped and also saved to the SD card.

some GameCube gamings you might want to play space Super Mario Sunshine, at sight Smash Bros. Melee, and The Legend the Zelda: The Wind Waker. Every one of which room absolute classics. And don't forget the best Metroidvania games too!

wii u gamecube
Newcomers and also gaming veterans alike praise the GameCube because that its standard design, top titles, and nostalgic appeal. Luckily, friend don't need a GameCube to play your favorite gamings anymore. If it calls for some modding, her Wii U game can pat GameCube games. Making use of Nintendont bring the GameCube ago to the Wii U while improving your as whole experience with loads of an excellent features.

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