An AED deserve to be used on children and also infants and also should be supplied as at an early stage as feasible for the finest chance of enhancing the possibility of survival. Inspect the AED as soon as it come at the scene. Pediatric pads need to be offered if the person is much less than eight year old or much less than 55 pounds (25 kg). Traditional (adult) pads may be supplied if pediatric pads room not available. If using traditional (adult) pads, execute not let the pads touch. For babies less than a year old, a hands-on defibrillator must be used if available. If a hand-operated defibrillator is no available, one AED may be used. Some AEDs have actually a switch that deserve to be collection to supply a pediatric shock. If available, turn the move on when using on children younger than eight years old. If the AED cannot provide a pediatric shock, an adult shock must be given. It is necessary to psychic an electric shock might be the therapy for a fatal love rhythm.

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AED procedures for Children and Infants

Retrieve the AED (Figure 12a).Open the case.Turn on the AED.Expose the who chest (Figure 12b).If wet, dry the chest.Remove any kind of medication patches.



3. Open up the Pediatric AED pads (Figure 12c).

Peel turn off backing.Check for pacemaker or implanted defibrillator.

4. Use the pads (Figure 12d).

Apply one pad ~ above the upper ideal chest over the breast. For infants, apply on the former of the chest.Apply the second pad top top the reduced left chest listed below the armpit. Because that infants, apply a 2nd pad to the ago (Figure 12e).

5. For sure wires room attached come the AED crate (Figure 12f).

6. Relocate away native the kid (Figure 12g).

Stop CPR.Instruct others not to touch the child.

7. Allow AED analyze the rhythm.

8. If the AED post reads “Check Electrodes,” then:

Ensure electrodes make an excellent contact (Figure 12f).

9. If the AED article reads “Shock,” then:

Press and hold the flashing shock button until the shock is delivered.

10. Resume CPR for two minutes beginning with chest compressions (Figure 12h).

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11. Repeat steps 1-10.

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