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PebblePicJay/Flickr In the future, we might be hearing about the Caribbean a whole lot an ext when talking around oil and gas.Previously, the area was essentially off the map because that the fossil fuel industry, regardless of its proximity come the large oil to make reservation of Venezuela. Now, the Caribbean has suddenly come to be a point of attention sinceExxonMobil discoveredmajor reservoirs in surrounding Guyana in 2015.

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After your initial huge discovery that the Liza oil field 2 years ago, Exxonmobil additionally announced critical month the they’vediscovered much more oilin the Payara reservoir off the coast of Guyana, raising the total discovery to roughly 500 million barrels.

This is large news because that both Exxonmobil and also for Guyana, i m sorry ranks amongst the poorest nations in the western Hemisphere.

ExxonMobil (partnered v Hess Corp. And also Statoil) has also recently purchased a new deepwater block for expedition off the coastline of surrounding Suriname, another potentially oil-filled nation. Part in the industry are currently referring come theGuyana-Suriname Basinas the next big oil region.

Now, those an excellent fortunes might be spreading to the Caribbean together well. Trinidad and also Tobago has actually long been the Caribbean’s largest oil and gas producer. The nation has depended economically on your petroleum reserves since the 1990s, through the energy sector at this time comprising34.9%of the country’s GDP. However, much more recently the small island-nation’s production has actually been in decline as manufacturing from mature areas has waned and also exploration for brand-new fields has been sluggish in starting. Now, Trinidad and also Tobago is hoping the the explorations in surrounding Guyana will certainly bring an ext interest and also investment to the Caribbean.


REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

It’s looking choose Trinidad and also Tobago will acquire their wish. Just this month BP Trinidad and Tobagoannounced two significant discoveriestotaling approximately two trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas, which thecompany’s president called"the start of a rejuvenated expedition program on the Trinidad shelf."

Similarly encouraged by the massive discoveries in Guyana end the last few years and also the international interest it has actually garnered, several other Caribbean countries are start to assert us as perhaps oil-rich countries and attempting to woo foreign companies to start investing in exploration roughly their islands. One of the biggest instances of this is Jamaica, who have actually recently recorded the attention of UK-based Tullow Oil.

Last main Tullowannounced plansto return to offshore places off the southern shore of Jamaica to discover a field of "live oil" the was carried to their attention by regional fisherman earlier this year. The firm will certainly ramp up your 3D seismic surveys this year in really hopes that the floating oil will lead them to vast oil areas the likes of their neighbors to the south and also the adjacent Gulf the Mexico.

The Bahamas has likewise recently publicized your plans come invite international companies come drill in deep waters turn off the coast, pointing not only to Guyana and the Gulf, but additionally to bordering Cuba’s oil reserves as an point out of what treasures might be laying under the surface ar of the sparkling Caribbean Sea.

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Exploration of oil make reservation in the Caribbean may additionally soon be ramped up and revolutionized by significant technological advances from Ursa space Systems. The high-tech company has announced a planned growth to take aglobal oil inventory, v the Caribbean as among its first major surveyed regions. Ursa will use satellite imagery to administer reliable and also independent weekly inventories the oil stocks under to the tank level for basic calculations and much better insight ~ above oil supply and demand, specifically in areas of the human being where there has previously not been readily-available data.