I eat breakfast every single day, and also most days ns eat cereal. When I speak cereal, ns don’t average that dog food stuff that some human being eat or the cardboard the others eat. I eat grain that tastes great, and also may or may not it is in that good for me, though greatly the truth that I’m eat breakfast is what is yes, really important.

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The rules for this list room simple. First, every grain on this perform is tho manufactured and also sold in stores. At some point I may do a tribute to good cereals that are no more. Second, every grain on this perform I have personally tasted. When you’d think this would severely shorten my list, you’d it is in wrong. I’m a grain lover and connoisseur. Finally, I’ll add there are not countless cereals ~ above this perform one would think about healthy. I commonly steer clear. Cereals like Special K, Total, Kashi, etc. Room not top top this list due to the fact that I don’t eat them. And also I probably won’t in the future, unless you to convince me otherwise in the comments.

Without more ado, here is my perform of breakfast cereals, ranked:

61. Fruity CheeriosI expected these to resemble the flavor of Fruit Loops or Trix, yet the fruity smell is super weak. It is trying to be a “healthy” sweet cereal and also it falls short catastrophically. Also, honestly, this cereal doesn’t also look good. Pass on this one.

60. Cacao CheeriosEven worse than coco Chex.

59. Cacao ChexWeak chocolate taste the actually provides the Chex flavor (that I frequently enjoy) worse.

58. Chocolate Frosted Mini WheatsI recognize many human being who favor this, consisting of my son, yet I struggle to know why. There space so many far better chocolate cereals the end there, and regular Frosted Mini Wheats grain is vastly superior.

57. Wheat ChexAwful difficult texture. Meh taste. Wheat Chex.

56. Peanut Butter CheeriosBiggest disappointment ever. I remember being yes, really excited to try this and it just was for this reason weak. Ns don’t want that level cheerio taste v a touch that weak peanut butter flavor.

55. Corn FlakesI remember together a boy one time thinking these were Frosted Flakes and also being severely disappointed. The only real use for this cereal is to add some crunch to certain casserole recipes.

54. Honey SmacksI don’t understand anyone that likes this cereal. And also what’s up v the frog mascot? A frog? Really? No thanks.

53. Frosted Mini Wheats Maple Brown SugarThis cereal looks good on the box and also by name, however the flavor is therefore meh. The is nowhere close to its Frosted older brothers in the taste department.

52. CheeriosPlain.

51. Crunchy Nut golden FlakesThere’s very little to bother v here as result of the uninteresting flavor. It does have actually pretty decent crunch for a flake-base cereal. Whenever I watch this sub-par cereal, I’m reminded that the much far better tasting and textured Crunchy nut Roasted nut & honey O’s, which has actually unfortunately been discontinued.

50. Peanut Butter Toast CrunchThis cereal is ok in ~ best. It has actually decent crunch, but the worst life peanut butter flavor the end of any kind of peanut butter grain I’ve tried. At the very least it is interlocutor enough about its flavor, uneven the castrated taste that Peanut Butter Cheerios.

49. Raisin BranThis is certainly tolerable, specifically for a bran cereal, as long as there are sufficient raisins. Interestingly, Raisin Bran is really no that good for you because of the high calorie count. The various other funny component is the every brand renders “Raisin Bran”, and while Kellogg’s is the most well-known (with awesome commercials), Post’s is almost indistinguishable from Kellogg’s at very first glance. Both purple boxes. Both merely named “Raisin Bran”.

48. CrispixIn theory I’d choose Crispix, which is just a mix of Corn Chex and Rice Chex. Yet somehow Kellogg’s walk a sub-par project of copying basic Mills and also this cereal gets soggy really fast. Great for a couple of bites, yet quickly disappointing.

47. Multi-Grain CheeriosThese are actually quite good. The key is “lightly sweetened”. No as an excellent as several of the flavored counterparts, but certainly far better than Plain and also some that the other flavors.

46. Honey Roasted honey Bunches the OatsThis has a good medley of texture, however the smell isn’t an excellent enough to address the soggy flakes half-way through your bowl. The granola clusters space what get me come eat it, though, also though the flakes constantly disappoint.

45. Cap’n CrunchThis cereal is fine for the first couple of bites, but really lose a lot of its crunch quite quickly. I’m not sure if the cooking recipes changed, because I don’t remember this trouble until a few years ago. Cap’n Crunch is a good mascot though, i m sorry a long heritage of commercials.

44. KixA kind choice, despite annoying “Mom Approved”. That’s probably worst advertisement for a kid. Who desires something that mommy thinks is ok? the pretty much method there isn’t enough sugar. Simply eats part Corn mister instead.

43. Rice KrispiesI think this is the only grain on this perform (that I’d choose to eat) come which I’d sometimes add some cinnamon sugar. Why doesn’t Kellogg’s do Cinnamon Krispies? I’d eat it. Oh, and also Snap, Crackle, and Pop grace my visibility every morning top top my grain bowls (which are nice and big).

42. Corn ChexThere’s yes, really not much to say around Chex. The is what the is and has always been the way. Corn and also Rice Chex room not every that various in smell or texture, yet I simply prefer Rice end Corn.

41. Jiff CerealThis is a newcomer and a pretty good peanut butter cereal. Texturally it doesn’t have enough of a crunch as soon as submerged in milk; otherwise it would certainly beat Reese Puffs due to the fact that I like Jiff’s peanut butter taste. It still falls well short of Peanut Butter Crunch in both flavor and texture.

40. Frosted Toast CrunchThis is one more newcomer that is comparable to its enlarge brother, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, however General Mills replaced the cinnamon v vanilla and also plain sugar. The texture and also flavor host up pretty fine in milk, similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I definitely enjoy this cereal, yet don’t crave it as much its older brother.

39. Corn PopsThis one has actually moved up a bunch in my rankings an extremely recently. I actually delighted in eating a crate of these, wherein in the past I hadn’t. Not my favourite by any type of stretch the the imagination, however still good. Also great is the old tagline…Gotta have actually my Pops!

38. TrixI an extremely much gain the fruitiness the is Trix. It is lower on this list because a few years back they changed from fruity forms to just ball-shaped, and also the flavor yes, really took a dive. Here’s what they supplied to look like.

37. Berry Berry KixI’ll be honest, I’m functioning off of memory here since I haven’t had actually this in plenty of years. I remember yes, really liking this stuff, but I likewise know the isn’t as widely lugged in grocery store stores together it offered to be.

36. Frosted Mini WheatsLots of an excellent fiber v a nice frosted coating on one side. This grain doesn’t acquire soggy super fast, yet when the is soggy, girlfriend won’t also want come finish. Top top the shining side, the keeps friend regular!

35. Krave ChocolateThis family member newcomer is good, yet not perfect. The outer crunchy shell has small milk driving away power, and also will gain soggy quite fast. Fortunately the within gooey cacao is unaffected and delicious.

34. Frankenberry (Seasonal)As much as I choose this cereal, I came to the conclusion this year the Boo Berry is better. The complimentary mask on the box this year looked good on mine son, though.

33. Fruity PebblesOnce ~ above a time ns would have ranked this higher, but either there was a recipe adjust or mine tastes have actually changed. Fruity Pebbles are still good, but just no for every occasion.

32. Love husband Bunches that Oats Cinnamon BunchesThis has the same great mosaic the texture the the love husband Roasted variation has, yet with the delicious enhancement of cinnamon that helps me neglect soggy flakes.

31. Count Chocula (Seasonal)One the the finest cereal mascots (and was even topical a few years ago during the Twilight/vampire craze). Decent cacao cereal.

30. Rice ChexAbout as straightforward as it gets.

29. Cocoa PebblesNot as an excellent as Cocoa Krispies early out to greater rate that sogginess, yet still a fine choice.

28. Reese’s PuffsTalking to mine coworkers about cereal, this one to be mentioned much more than when as gift a favorite. I absolutely enjoy it, however I’ve found it doesn’t enhance my favourite peanut butter cereal, Peanut Butter Crunch. The greatest downfall is its comparative lack of crunch.

27. Cocoa PuffsA classic, with great commercials, a good tagline, and great chocolatey taste. Also, it remained in the news recently.

26. Cap’n Crunch Crunch BerriesThis is a classic and is much far better than the original, because of its crunchiness and fruit flavor.

25. Cap’n Crunch Oops! every BerriesThe berries space awesome. Good crunch together well.

24. Cocoa KrispiesI really similar to the snap, crackle, and popping in a chocolatey package. In which method the Rice Krispies family of cereals can get a small soggy and also still have an agree texture.

23. Cookie CrispA cereal that imitates something and also actually tastes prefer the thing it is copying. They always tried at commercials, yet pretty much always failed. An excellent crunch and longevity in milk.

22. Boo Berry (Seasonal)Every loss I stock up on this Halloween cereals. After cautious research and consideration, I’ve established that Boo Berry is tops. The very first time I had these were boy pioneer camp in second or third grade the morning ~ a huge storm hit and also I’ve chosen them ever since.

21. Happy CharmsOne of the finest mascots and the cereal that yes, really understands exactly how to use marshmallows. Together a kid, ns would constantly eat the non-marshmallow pieces very first and save the marshmallows for the end. (Now I only do that once I have actually extra time in the morning.)

20. Honey Nut ChexNot rather as good as honey Nut Cheerios, however still a hard choice.

19. Rice Krispies TreatsAll the quality of continual Rice Krispies, with included marshmallow goodness. I haven’t to be able to find these for years, however according to Kellogg’s, they space still being made.

18. Fruit LoopsGreat fruity taste, hard crunch, and great resistance come sogginess. Funny fact: I carried a zip-lock bag of this to the very first Green only Packer video game I visited as a 9 year old kid, since I didn’t prefer the peanuts mine dad and also uncle eat at Packer games.

17. Honey CombNice an easy flavor and also crunch. Weird commercials though.

16. Krave S’MoresAlmost as an excellent as its double Chocolate larger brother but not quite. It needs more graham flavor and also sweeter marshmallow filling. Ns really miss out on Smorz cereal, which this inferior cereal replaced.

15. Krave dual ChocolateChocolate cereals normally aren’t my favorite, yet Krave walk it best with its crunchy outside and gooey cacao inside. The only concern is girlfriend can’t stall, since it will get soggy.

14. To apologize JacksWhy do I choose apple jacks? I just do.

13. Love husband Nut CheeriosThe ideal honey nut cereal and my very first really undertaking into relative healthiness.

12. To apologize Cinnamon ChexHonestly this isn’t too much different than Cinnamon Chex, however it has weaker cinnamon flavor and a hints of apple.

11. Frosted CheeriosGreat classic 90s taste with an excellent commercials. It tastes so an excellent the box never closes.

10. Frosted FlakesThey’re GRRRRRREAT! Frosted Flakes has one the the finest mascots and taglines and also is my favourite frosted cereal. They’ve also improved the cooking recipes at some point to lose less of the frosting in the milk. Maybe they used cereal varnish.

9. LifeThe original. Not as great as the cinnamon variety, however is constantly a go-to.

8. Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter CrunchThe best of all the peanut butter cereals. This quickly has the ideal crunch and will not conveniently get soggy. I’ll down half a crate of this on a Saturday morning.

7. Cinnamon ChexThis was is a newer one, yet inexperience doesn’t organize it back. I really love cinnamon cereals and also Cinnamon Chex doesn’t disappoint.

6. Cinnamon Toast CrunchThis was my favorite as a kid, but it to be partly since I didn’t ever before get to have them, other than at my grandma’s house. Also it produce the greatest cereal milk.

5. Golden GrahamsThis one also has part nostalgia, together I remember mine dad delighted in these as soon as I to be a kid. Also, some great commercials v the years.

4. Cinnamon LifeThere something good about the simplicity that the not overly sweet, but just sweet sufficient flavor the Cinnamon Life.

3. Cinnabon CerealThis cereal is the finest cinnamon cereal hands down. It has great crunch, the doesn’t really obtain soggy, and it tastes great. Oh the shopping center memories, walking previous the Cinnabon stand….

2. Apologize Cinnamon CheeriosThis one is a nostalgic pick, however one that has actually never decreased in awesomeness the flavor. I have early memories the this cereal and also how the made me feel. It makes me feel the exact same today.

1. Waffle CrispVery few cereals match the level that greatness the is Waffle Crisp. The irradiate syrupy flavor. The perfect crunch. The tiny waffle shape. This grain is the complete package. There really is no competition.

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There was one cereal that was simply revived, however I haven’t to be able to gain my hand on it: French Toast Crunch. When ns do find it, i will update this post accordingly.