Martin: height 10 Characters, Ranked martin is a show around a man, his wife, his friends, and also other random characters who interfere with his life. These room the best characters.

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~ the Cosby Show, the African-American ar was looking for a display that could reach the masses however still appeal to the new generation. While invoice Cosby to be the clean-cut family members guy on TV, each network was trying to find the "new guy" to command the next charge. Tiny did anyone recognize that an unknown comedian who gained his break on What"s happening Now would certainly be the face.

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Martin Lawrence take it his new show Martin to the peak of the mountain with his persona, characters, and jokes that made Cosby Show look favor Punky Brewster concerning laughs. V Martin leading the way, he was joined by rather such as Tommy, Cole, Pam, and his girl friend Gina. Right here are the optimal 10 Martin characters.

The lady with the mustache. That"s the best means to describe Mama Payne. While Martin always wanted to prove that he was a manly-man, when his mom came around, he to be just one more momma"s boy. This would certainly drive Gina crazy as Martin would placed his mom on a cut down in which she might not be knocked off.

Despite a hard relationship, Mama Payne walk not choose Gina for miscellaneous reasons. The two of them would go in ~ each various other which made for hilarious moments. Mama Payne loved to pat the numbers and go come church. Besides her mustache, Mama Payne was ideal known for her biscuits i m sorry Gina could never grasp in the kitchen.

9 Roscoe

The boy who lived next door come Gina v the snotty nose and the smart mouth. Roscoe was constantly trying come hustle something and also when he didn"t acquire his way he frequently came through the insults. On thin enjoyment alone, Roscoe could have quickly been a character deserving of an ext screen time top top Martin. Young name Lawrence played plenty of characters on the show yet posing together a 10-year old boy was pure genius.

Roscoe had actually some an excellent moment, yet they were frequently cut brief with a door slam or a go house Roscoe. If only they could have had increased his role, Roscoe might have been as big as Jerome or Sheneneh.

Bruh-Man indigenous the fifth floor tho can reason the casual Martin fan to burst out in laughter. How plenty of times did Martin come house to see Bruh-Man in his kitchen? If he wasn"t there, that was notorious for climbing through the home window and making self at home. The was one of those males you great had more screen time but with so countless characters, the was tough to fit that in consistently for simply a 30-minute show.

Not a character with plenty of lines yet his visibility was felt throughout the series. The head nod top top his way back the end to the fire escape was just as classic as him putting up 4 fingers once saying he"s native the fifth floor.

7 Gina Waters-Payne

Martin"s girlfriend and also the other half of the dynamic duo. Where would boy name be without his professional, yet down to planet woman? without Gina, Martin would certainly be just another basic fly through the night comedy show. She lugged so much power to the screen and was able to play turn off Martin"s jokes better than most of the cast members.

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She knew she had a great man and was willing to do every little thing it took, also if that meant walking far from him to realize how an excellent she was. Yet Gina was no without the humor either. As fast as boy name was v his jokes, Gina was right there through her snappy comebacks. Among the best females leader in Primetime TV history.

Did that or didn"t he? go Tommy actually have actually a job and if that did, to be it legit? That"s to be the main question the Martin fans have yet to number out. Tommy was constantly dressed in the ideal clothes, had money, however yet, no one knew where he worked. Among the best mysteries in contemporary TV. Tommy, Martin,, and Cole to be childhood friends who still regulated to save that dynamic intact years later.

Tommy constantly had his boys back and because that a quick time, he date Pam and also that was all Martin required to unleash the hounds on that every possibility he could. His punchline "dawg" is still one of the funniest ever written because that TV.

5 Sheneneh Jenkins

The neighborhood from throughout the hall may have actually stolen each scene she remained in no matter the actors member. The loud, brash, and also uniquely pull Sheneneh has actually earned the ideal to be discussed with few of the ideal characters in comedic history. Although play by young name Lawrence himself, he was able to provide her a personality that also Tyler Perry couldn"t carry out Madea with.

Her dislike because that Gina and also Pam frequently led to numerous hilarious confrontations in the hallway. Martin to be too great for Gina according to Sheneneh and she to be willing come bet the she to be woman sufficient for him. She own her very own Salon and also loved to rock any color fanny-pack.

If you"re in search of that friend who takes 10 minutes to do minute rice, Cole is that guy. Not too countless jokes come the end of the mouth as Cole was often the butt of the jokes. Cole to be the lover of big women and also the constant comedy target that his friends for remaining true to that he was.

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As a grown guy who lived through his mother and also drove a Pacer, Cole can not regulate to acquire out of his own way. However still, also with his faults, Cole"s personality was crucial to the success the the show. The same way Joey is perceived from Friends, that"s exactly what Cole to be for Martin. The goofball, but the display couldn"t work-related without him.

3 Pam James

Gina"s co-worker and also best friend that was the main target for the bulk of Martin"s jokes. But Pam to be on one more level 보다 Gina once it came to comebacks. To this day, i still think the writers messed increase the pairing and should have had actually Pam and Martin together the main couple with Gina on the opposite end.

Pam was smart, sexy, and also so fast with the wit, she can have had actually her own show. She didn"t back down from anyone and was just as much the girl native the neighborhood, if not much more than Gina was. A standard character who didn"t obtain all the respect she deserved.

It"s tough to pick and choose there is no someone acquiring mad the their favorite character was either left off the list or put too low. Through Jerome, this may be among those cases. That wasn"t a continual like martin or Gina yet when Jerome fight the screen, he took command. He was the old college playa who forgot his time has actually come and also gone.

His apparel were a flashback come the "70s and his humor was unmatched. Including Jerome come the perform was simply as simple as placing any type of of the other personalities on here. "I stated Jerome"s in the house".

1 martin Payne

The star that the show and also the one wherein all the laughs begin and also end. Young name is the man from around the way who battled for his dream to it is in on the radio. His one-liners room legendary and his temper is just as snappy. Quick in stature, Martin an ext than makes up because that it v his heart.

He"s loyal to his friends, other than when he"s kicking them the end of his apartment. Hard-headed? Yes, that is, yet that"s what"s renders him stand the end from the rest of the cast. You never have to question who the leader of the bunch is once Martin is on screen with them.

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