Can everyone verify that there room NOT follow branches in P.R.? Which significant banks space there? i am assuming ATMs are numerous (at least in san Juan). Don't want to travel v a the majority of cash and I understand that many restaurants are cash only. Thanks


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ATMs space plentyful everywhere on the island, not just San Juan. The banks there space Westernbank, Banco renowned (the biggest I think), Doral, and also Banco Santander. I don't believe that follow has any kind of branches in PR.

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PD: I never ever travel through cash, and haven't come across a cash-only restaurant in PR. I always pay with my credit transaction cards.

***When paying through credit cards, take it a close look in ~ the receipt prior to you throw it out as numerous establishments still use the old machine that prints the credit card number.

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2.Re: Atm devices
10 years ago
Thanks Paris. Ns thought many of the Luquillo kiosks were cash only? thanks for the info!

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3.Re: Atm equipments
10 years ago
Banco famous is the largest financial institution by far and it is a puerto rican bank, Santander, very first Bank, and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya are additionally other banks. The Atm devices are referred to as ATH here. Chase does not have a branch in PR.

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4.Re: Atm makers
10 years ago
ALL the post over are correct, however, if girlfriend eat/drink at part kiosks there is a minimum that you must use for your ATM/ATH card. If girlfriend eat native a roadside trailer Cash only. Just a reminder.

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5.Re: Atm machines
9 years ago

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