You’ve simply left the van depot through a fresh fill of cargo. The fuel is topped off, the tires are rotated, and also you just adjusted the oil. As you revolve onto the interstate and start climb a hill, you an alert a brand-new indicator on the dashboard. You take it a deep breath, watch down and see what you were hoping to avoid –– the examine engine light.

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Learning your semi requirements maintenance deserve to be stressful, particularly if you’re on a long-haul trek and nowhere near home base. Even so, examine engine lights are a part of trucking life.

Below are some tips on understanding the inspect engine light and what to execute to store yourself and also your cargo safe.

What is the examine engine light?

The check engine light is a safety and security indicator that very first came right into use throughout the 1980s. Basically, it’s a quick and also convenient way for your truck to tell you that something’s amiss under the hood. The check engine irradiate is component of her truck’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) system. The OBD is prefer the brain of her semi and also contains dozens of digital sensors. These sensors monitor every little thing from the oxygen flowing v your engine come the quantity of fuel being burnt.

When the OBD detects an error, the attempts to make repairs ~ above its own. If those self-repairs fail, it cautions you by flipping top top a dashboard indicator.

Do I have to stop control if my check engine light come on?

If your inspect engine light transforms on, girlfriend don’t must panic. A an easy check engine light is just the initial warning the something may need attention. It can mean miscellaneous is a little out of whack and the engine will shot to solve it, it could mean a minor problem needs fix in the future, or it might mean a very huge repair is needed soon.

So that is important to discover out what the code method right far so you know if something requirements attention instantly or if friend can end up your trip first. To find the codes there room various means of gaining that info these days that range from plugging right into the truck straight or being able to pull the codes virtual through certain mechanic portals your firm has set up. Checking through your company or a dealership company center can gain you spicy in the right direction to discover the issue.

What causes the check engine light to come on?

With today’s technology, there are one thousand and one factors it could be triggered. However, some typical reasons include:

A loose gas capLow fluidsExcess oxygen in the engineDead spark plugsFaulty or damaged hoses

If you’re can not to troubleshoot the cause on your own, pull over and wait for a tow truck or a skilled mechanic. It’s much better to recognize the basic cause and also repair it 보다 it is to take a risk and also potentially damage your vehicle.

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