Two and also A fifty percent Men: 10 Questions around Chelsea, answer In 2 And fifty percent Men, Chelsea was probably the closest point Charlie acquired to spirit mate. Below are some things settled about her.

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Let"s face it, Charlie Harper has had many women, fiancés, girlfriends, you name it. Chelsea Melini falls into this succession of beautiful women who have graced the silver display in Two and also A fifty percent Men, as component of Charlie"s never-ending entourage of woman partners. She is in truth his ex-fiance, with the pair not quite having made it to marriage, and her connection with Charlie is featured in periods 6 and 7 of the series.

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The relationship provides for some invigorating, amazing viewing. Right here are 10 concerns viewers might have about Chelsea, together with their answers.

What sets she apart native the other women in Charlie"s life? Chelsea is the very first woman Charlie confesses his love to, without having actually to be propelled to execute so. This renders her unique and sets her apart native the various other women in his life.

Later that tells she his confessing that his love for her was through accident, but knowing Charlie, if he uttered his love for her, it to be no accident since this type of point doesn"t come naturally to him.

how did she go into Charlie"s life? Not also Charlie Harper could"ve suspect the massive affect Charlie would have actually on his life - and also heart.

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She gotten in his life fairly by accident and was one of plenty of one-night-stands. By the moment she debuted in the series in Season 6, she had currently been dating Charlie because that a while. It seems time with her warranted an ext than just one night. Perhaps she carried out the much better side that Charlie.

Is there more than meets the eye come Chelsea? follow to the series" narrative, she is a fairly wealthy woman that owns much more than one property. Every of these is situated in an well-off area. Charlie doesn"t originally know the she owns the properties. He only finds the end in the episode, "That"s Why They contact It "Ball Room"". His reaction is extreme and he expresses anger that she has actually not called him around the properties, storming the end of their room and also saying he will certainly sleep top top the couch.

7 She has Her Limits

how do we understand she has actually limits? In the series, also though that is engaged to Chelsea, Charlie asks Rachel come send him part topless photographs that herself. Unfortunately for him, Chelsea finds out and also isn"t really happy about this. Gift a strong woman, she ends their relationship.

Charlie do the efforts to put things right yet he keeps getting captured out with nude images of Rachel! Only as soon as Charlie go the extra mile come take treatment of her when she is ill does she relent and also take that back. Still, she has presented she isn"t a walkover and viewers respect she for this.

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walk she have any quirks? The collection shows she isn"t the usual airbrushed beauty v no quirks, and an untouchable façade. She has tendency to be warm-hearted and down to earth, and maybe this is why she has actually such a large impact ~ above Charlie’s heart. Chelsea likes to laugh and also when she laughs, she often makes a snorting sound. One would intend this to scare Charlie away, however he admittedly loves this peculiar behaviour the his favored belle.

5 A restrictive Upbringing

What to be Chelsea"s life like growing up? She prospered up in a conservative environment. Her mother, Martha, was incredibly racist and judgmental towards civilization different come herself. Her dad, Tom, was strict in the he to be a navy veteran and made certain his family lived by identify rules. Somehow Chelsea regulated to avoid becoming like she parents and also escaped a tradition of racism and conservatism. At the same time, one has to wonder whether she attraction come the wayward Charlie had something to carry out with this upbringing.

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Chelsea is one of the many warm-hearted personalities on the series. She stands up because that the civil liberties of others, and while having actually standards, is additionally willing to pardon Charlie and also guide that towards far better ways. One of the means her warm heart is prove in the rigid is through her relationships v Berta, Jake and also even Evelyn. The reality that she have the right to get together with Evelyn, whom not also Charlie is able come make peace with, is a testimony to her an excellent and personable nature.

3 A hard Lesson come Swallow

go she get burned by Charlie"s wayward antics? It would certainly seem that Chelsea forgives countless "unforgivables" native Charlie. Still, she looks for the ideal in him and also unlike other women in his life, her type treatment towards him, attach by her imposed standards, seems to have actually a positive influence on Charlie"s heart and also character. Sadly, however, she does get melted by him. At his funeral, she confesses to having actually contracted an STD native him. At this exact same sad occasion, she is presented to his past lovers and also women. This must have been a difficult lesson come swallow for the devoted Chelsea.

once did Chelsea very first debut in the series? if the actual character of Chelsea an initial appeared in the series in Season 6, the actress Jennifer Taylor appears in the series three times prior to she was actors as Chelsea. This sort of thing is not unexplained in sitcoms, through extras or unassuming actors and actresses, plenty of times "resurfacing" in later on episodes as main characters. For Taylor, humbling herself as an extra because that the series was a huge step in the best direction. Goes to show, small beginnings have the right to become good things.

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1 A Divorcee

to be she married prior to she met Charlie? Her former husband"s name was Alex, and also much together she it s okay on through Evelyn, Chelsea to be close to Alex"s mother, her previous mother-in-law. She never completely gets over her marriage to Alex and maintains feelings for him. This is because she tends to give her entirety heart as soon as in love. Even though her marriage with Alex has actually ended, she is deeply distressed as soon as she finds the end that he is remarrying.