Cher Lloyd went famous in 2014 through her performance of Keri Hilson’s version of “Turn my Swag On” for The X Factor. She also wowed the judges and also went on to finish fourth in the competition. Regardless of losing the series, the british singer signed come The X Factor referee Simon Cowell’s recording label, Syco Music, and released her debut album.

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It peaked at number 12 top top the united state Billboard charts, cementing Lloyd as an completed singer in the united Kingdom and the joined States. She then started collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Demi Lovato, Mike Posner, T.I., Ne-Yo, and Becky G.

The Teen selection Award Winner again readjusted labels and also began working on her third studio album; however, she has not however announced the release date. How else has actually the singer’s career thrived after losing The X Factor? Keep reading to find out.


Singer Cher Lloyd | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Cher Lloyd’s background

Born July 28, 1993, in Malvern, Worcestershire, she lived through her parents and three younger siblings. She additionally spent her first year the life traveling through her family members in your caravan approximately Wales. As soon as Lloyd began attending school, various other classmates began teasing her due to the fact that of she Romani background.

She at some point attended a performing art high school and a theatre arts school. Lloyd realized she want to go after the entertain industry, for this reason she auditioned for The X Factor to sing ballads once the period was lowered however didn’t make the cut.

Cher Lloyd ~ above ‘The X Factor’ collection 7

After returning in 2010 at period 17, she do the series seventh season. Influenced by Nicki Minaj, the young singer auditioned with Keri Hilson’s remix the Soulja Boy’s single, “Turn mine Swag On.” Her performance not just wowed the judges but went viral on YouTube, racking up end 64 million views to date.

Then, at boots camp, she carry out a rap version of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” and Cheryl Cole was assigned together her mentor. She then continued performing her rap variation of singles for the live shows. But, for the 4th live show, Lloyd ditched her usual rap and beautifully sang Shakespears Sister’s “Stay,” leading to judge Simon Cowell calling it “the performance of the series.”

Three main later, her version of The Beatles’ “Imagine,” landed she in the bottom two, yet the judges decided to conserve her in the final showdown. After being saved for the next two weeks, Lloyd made it to the semi-finals even though she had actually the fewest votes.

Still having the least amount the votes, she mashup of the black color Eyed Peas hits “Where Is the Love?” and “I Gotta Feeling” couldn’t save her and also she finished in 4th place.

Cher Lloyd’s success after shedding ‘The X Factor’

After the competition, Lloyd joined nine various other previous contestants for a uk three-month tour whereby she performed because that over 500,000 attendees. She additionally signed to Simon Cowell’s label, Syco Music, and practically immediately began recording her debut studio album, Stick + Stones.

After dropping the album in November 2011, the peaked in ~ number seven in Ireland, and she announced she UK tour. The following month, Lloyd signed come Logan Media Entertainment and L.A. Reid’s joined States-based recording label, Epic documents after leave Syco Music due to the fact that she disagreed through Cowell about her music career.

She additionally released a solo variation of “Want U Back” which was her debut American single, and it peaked in ~ number 12 top top the united state Billboard hot 100. In may 2014, Lloyd released her sophomore album, Sorry ns Late, i m sorry peaked on the united state charts in ~ number 12, and also number 21 top top the UK charts.

I’ve waited so long to relax this song! the moment is finally here and I can not be happier! I simply want to say thank you so lot for the continued support and always having my back. Ns really hope you love nobody OF MY company as lot as i do! Cher x

— Cher Lloyd (
CherLloyd) October 19, 2018

After her album, she was gotten rid of from Epic’s website, fueling rumors that the label dropped her. The sources must have been correct since she signed to universal Music team in November 2014 because that her 3rd album. The brother singer climate disappeared from society media till March 2016 once she post a video clip on her Instagram page.

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A year later, she signed to ie:music and has released a solitary for her following album which has no release day yet. In enhancement to singing, Lloyd guest starred in television mirrors Big Time Rush and Celebrity Juice. She has actually received MTV, Radio Disney, Nickelodeon, and also UK award nominations, win a 2014 Teen selection Award because that “Really nothing Care” through Demi Lovato. The british singer also received a 2015 Radio Disney Music Award because that the very same song.

She now has an estimated net precious of $2 million i m sorry is supposed to thrive after she drops her 3rd album.