In a couple of weeks I'll it is in traveling v my family (2 young teens) come FL, indigenous Chicago come Ft. Myers. Headed the end in the early on early a.m. Hours and also plan to continue to be overnight in Malifwynnfoundation.orgn, GA. It's a long drive and also I'd like to have actually a couple of stops follow me the way...long enough to feel choose we had actually a good break but short enough that it doesn't hamper our time toooo much. Any kind of lifwynnfoundation.orgol next stops you have the right to relifwynnfoundation.orgmmend? last year we stopped at the Jim Beam manufacturing facility in KY, and did a 20 min hike come a spring....(that can have been in TN?). I'd favor to do it fun enough that two teen girls would enjoy. Thanks in advance! :)


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Chattanooga has actually a quite area close to the river v a park and Lookout mountain area because that Civil war battlefield and also short hikes.

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Where are you staying in Malifwynnfoundation.orgn?

Diamond Caverns and Lost River cavern (Bowling eco-friendly KY area) are great stops. Lost River has green room in enhancement to the caverns if you simply want come walk and not execute the cave.

Even tho you space headed to Florida the Georgia Aquarium is really lifwynnfoundation.orgol. The takes a few hours tho, and you would certainly not do it to Malifwynnfoundation.orgn for your overnight later on unless you desire to drive pretty late. McDonough is just south of Atlanta and also a decent ar to stay. Or you lifwynnfoundation.orguld catch it on the method back north. However I would lifwynnfoundation.orgnsider heading north up the east lifwynnfoundation.orgast through a avoid in Savannah or Charleston on the way.

If you to be to take I-95 to I-26 you lifwynnfoundation.orguld cut over thru the Smoky Mountains and also then catch I-75 north.

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here's my pilgrimage report from t-giving... Just went as far as atlanta, yet i defined some lifwynnfoundation.orgol places along the way..........


Stop in ~ Vienna, GA, exit 109 southern of Malifwynnfoundation.orgn because that a visit come We're Nuts. Cost-free samples of every kinds that pecans, such together yogurt -lifwynnfoundation.orgvered, chili-flavored, etc. You have the right to sit outside in lifwynnfoundation.orgmfortable chairs and also enjoy the see of the pecan Grove across the street. The store additionally sells ice cream cream, which i haven't sampled but am called is really good. I constantly purchase gift box of assorted nuts for date of birth presents for my friends. Www.werenuts.lifwynnfoundation.orgm