Do you desire to start your own poultry farm? Or are you looking for some black and white chicken to add to your backyard coop? we can assist you make the ideal choice!

Black and white chicken each other are amongst the many sought-after stocks. You will be amazing by the sheer range in the size, color, feather pattern, diet, grooming, and also even temperament of different black and also white chicken breeds.

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We have curated a perform of 15 the the best black and white chicken breeds. Every of these breeds will be a gorgeous and nifty enhancement to your flock. Native dual-purpose breeds to present birds to pets, these black and also white chicken breeds would finish your perfect farm.


Feather fads of Black and White chicken15 well known Black and White chicken breeds

Feather fads of Black and also White chicken

Before us dive into the various black and also white chicken breeds, we require to have the ability to distinguish one breed from the other. The feather patterns on chicken suggest the breed of the bird. In some cases, they even assist in differentiating the bird’s sex.

With much more than one shade on their plumage, these chicken sport interesting feather patterns but don’t permit the selection confuse you.

It could look favor feather patterns of a Dominique and also a black Laced silver- Wyandotte is the same, but they are not! right here is a simple guide to help you recognize different patterns.

Barred Pattern

Feathers defined by striped trends constitute the prohibition Pattern. The chicken’s plumage might not show up regularly striped together a whole. However, the stripes room visible if you take a closer watch at separation, personal, instance feathers.

Columbian Pattern

In the Columbian pattern, the expression that the shade black is inhibited in details parts of the chicken’s plumage. The effect created by this sample is referred to as the black color restrictor. The black color is clearly shows on the necks, wings, and also tails of chickens, leaving the rest of their plumage white in color.

Laced Pattern

A lace effect may be observed once the external edge of the feather is darker 보다 the rest of the feathers. This gives each feather a laced look, and also it looks favor the feathers have actually a decorate trim.

Penciled Pattern

The Penciled feather pattern is just one of the many exquisite patterns. Prim currently of shade trace the contours of the bird’s feather, causing a neat contrast of colour on the plumage.

Spangled Pattern

The Spangled feather sample lacks pigmentation in the center of every feather. Hence, this pattern collectively appears to be round spots of colors on the chicken.

The pigment-free point out are existing in the center of the feather, and also this creates the figure of a white-colored bird with black spots. The Hamburg Chicken is an instance of this pattern.

Mottled Pattern

The mottled feather sample is the turning back of the spangled feather pattern. In this pattern, over there is a absence of pigmentation top top the ends of the feather. This creates multiple great of thick black color bands v white in ~ the advice of the feathers.

15 famous Black and also White chicken breeds

Now that we have knowledge the the different types of feather patterns, allow us check out 15 that the best black and also white chicken breeds.

Barred Plymouth Rock


The ban Plymouth rock is a famous American each other of chicken. The breed is an all-rounder: that is a great egg-layer, popular display bird, renders for a fairly good table bird, and also is a wonderful pet.

The prohibition Plymouth Rock, as the surname suggests, has actually a prohibition feather pattern. The Plymouth absent is generally puzzled with the Dominique, which has actually a barred sample too. However, the Dominique has v-shaped stripes ~ above its plumage, i m sorry distinguishes the from the straight-striped Plymouth Rock.

The barred Plymouth rock is a huge chicken breed that weighs around 7.5-9.5 pounds. It is just one of the most common homestead breeds due to the fact that of its remarkable large brown egg production. That is claimed to produce about 280 eggs per annum.

The Plymouth Rock’s yellow meat makes it a good table bird as well. This breed is a an excellent option for your backyard coop if friend are in search of dual-purpose chicken breeds.

This chicken each other is a popular display bird too. The breed is greatly seen to be calm and socializes well with all creatures, specifically dogs. This breed often tends to be broody, i beg your pardon is good if friend are searching for chicks, however not so great if you are looking for a steady supply that eggs.

Black Sex Link


Sex links are crossbred chickens, and also their sex differentiates your color. The black color Sex connect is a cross in between Rhode Island Red Rooster and also Barred rock Hen. The roosters and also hens in the black color Sex connect breed watch different.

The hens have actually black bodies through brownish-red neck feathers, conversely, the roosters of this breed have actually a black and also white barred feather pattern.

Black Sex link chickens are generally prolific egg-laying chickens. They are an extremely great egg-producing breed, laying around 300 eggs every year if given an excellent feed and care.

These chickens weigh approximately 6-9 pounds and also lay huge light brown eggs, and also it does not have tendency to it is in broody. However, the black color Sex link is not a an excellent table bird, therefore they room not offered for meat production.

Columbian Wyandotte


The Columbian Wyandotte, an American poultry staple, is a large bird that has actually a identified collar of black feathers on its neck, wing, and also tail. The contrast of color on this bird’s plumage watch magnificent.

It is named after the north American Wyandot, also though the each other does not have actually any particular ties through the tribe. The breed is stated to be result of a cross in between white Wyandotte and also Barred Plymouth Rock.

An adult Columbian Wyandotte weighs up to 6.5 – 8.5 pounds. Your loosely arranged feathers do them look bigger than they in reality are.

Columbian Wyandotte is a an excellent egg layer and also can produce up come 200 to 250 medium-sized brown egg annually. Due to the fact that these birds are cold-resistant, they can lay eggs even during extreme winter months. The breed is considered broody.

They are frequently used for egg production and also meat. Hence, it is a dual-purpose breed, i beg your pardon is a perfect fit because that a backyard coop.

Cuckoo Maran


Cuckoo Marans originated from a town in France, called Marans, throughout the mid-nineteenth century. The black and also white prohibition feather fads on the Cuckoo Maran often cause confusion between them and the prohibition Plymouth Rock.

Cuckoo Marans are huge birds the weigh as much as 7-9 pounds on completely growing. Marans space fairly an excellent egg layers, producing about 150-200 large-sized eggs annually. They create deep dark brown eggs and are well-known for gift fairly-good egg-laying chickens. The Cuckoo Maran has been i found it to be broody in ~ times.

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The breed is a fair egg layer, a source of top quality meat, and a popular show bird. Hence, Cuckoo Marans fulfill the dual-purpose parameter.