Was lining Mangione"s tune "Feel so Good" ever used together a TV theme song?January 20, 2005 10:40 afternoon Subscribe

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My husband and also I have both been googling for hours, with no luck. I lastly gave in and also came right here to query every one of you. Was lining Mangione"s tune "Feel for this reason Good" ever before used as the theme tune or lead-in come a television show? (MI)
Googling offered me nothing until I make the efforts googling groups, and then I come up through some indications that others have lifwynnfoundation.orged this same thing...only no answers. Here"s one ...here"s another.
Its a recognizable tune yet many world may not know it through name. Come jog peoples memory, yes sir a small sample available from this amazon page.posted by vacapinta at 10:55 afternoon on January 20, 2005
I don"t think so. Ns looked around and found nothing. This, i believe, is his main website (it states it top top the key page), and also though the does mention some that his work being used for the olympics and his King the the Hill appearances, there"s nothing there around a sitcom layout song.I don"t acknowledge the tune from the clip, but from what I"ve read, there seems to it is in a little bit of a backlash versus it. Seems it obtained quite a little of airplay.posted by SAC at 11:22 afternoon on January 20, 2005
Shit, ns looked too, and also I think the price is no. If the answer to be yes the would"ve proved up in his biographies and also stuff.posted through Edible power at 11:51 pm on January 20, 2005
For what it"s worth, it seems the song was supplied in the movie Intolerable Cruelty, and also he"s also got composer"s credits because that "Blast!" on TV, and also Fargo. For this reason that"s me v the blatantly obvious IMDB search.posted by slightlybewildered at 1:23 to be on January 21, 2005
And an additional from the noticeable imdb search department (Search google), it appears a sports of the track was offered on girlfriend (Episode 4.19).posted by splice in ~ 4:33 am on January 21, 2005
In early 80"s that was supplied for a morning TV news present I am certain. Maybe good Morning America.posted through evilelf at 6:20 am on January 21, 2005
Man, ns was comes up with nothing till evilelf stated a morning display -- currently I"m convinced he"s right, however I can"t remember which show.posted through o2b at 7:14 to be on January 21, 2005
evilelf, that"s ringing a faint bell with me too. Can it have actually been used as a neighborhood news layout song?posted by SisterHavana at 8:03 am on January 21, 2005
> might it have been offered as a regional news template song?Maybe, ns was life in the Boston area in ~ the time. For some reason I think an excellent Morning America though. Don"t know why i was watching it...posted by evilelf in ~ 8:11 to be on January 21, 2005
I seem come remember hear it offered as into/outro music on tv broadcasts the PGA golf tournaments ago in the "70s.posted by dnash in ~ 8:34 am on January 21, 2005
I dont about it being supplied as a theme song but I perform recall it being the song typically used if the morning mirrors did either a photo slideshow or an on-screen listing of community events. Perhaps thats why people remember it?posted through vacapinta at 9:39 to be on January 21, 2005
In early on 80"s that was provided for a morning TV news display I am certain. Maybe an excellent Morning America.I seem come recall this, too. To be Tom Snyder the host, maybe?posted by ZenMasterThis in ~ 9:48 am on January 21, 2005
Ha! throughout my youth, this song constantly played prior to every movie at the Excelsior Dock Cinema when they proved a montage piece featuring local businesses. I constantly thought it to be some damaging local artist play a cheesy tune. Imagine mine surprise when I heard it later on in life exterior of Excelsior.While it would certainly be a stretch to say I prefer the song, I deserve to appreciate it an ext now 보다 I did as an insolent child!posted through Lola_G in ~ 1:48 afternoon on January 21, 2005
It type of evoked the Hill Street Blues theme tune for me.posted through astruc at 2:11 pm on January 21, 2005
I additionally have dim memories of a 70"s daytime display with a template (end credits, i think) the sounded remarkably choose "Feels for this reason Good." mine faulty memory says it was early on Donahue, return I have been unable so far to earlier this up. (Mike Douglas, maybe?)It"s great to know I"m no alone.posted by guy Smiley in ~ 10:44 afternoon on January 21, 2005
Maybe people are confuse it with the design template of The dating Game? lock sound similar to me. (wild assumption: v #3)posted by vacapinta in ~ 1:38 am on January 22, 2005
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