The circled dot, circumpunct, or circle with a point at its center is an old symbol. The symbol likewise representsthe sun.
Apollo,the sunlight god,brings life-giving heat and light to Earth.Apolloreplaced the TitanHeliosasthe sun god,the Greeks described both that them together the sunlight gods. Together patron god that musicians and also poets, the carries a lyre. His symbol represents the “egg of creation” i m sorry is symbolized with by a circle through dot in the middle."It is reasonably details that the story that Adam and Eve and the Garden that Eden is based upon embryology, and also that the womb is the initial Garden that Eden. In symbolism that is stood for by a dot in a circle. This dot is the primitive germ, and so top top as much as you great to lug the analogy. The Egg the Brahma is the story that the cosmic embryo, and also embryology is the straightforward study ofcreation." - Anatomy of male Manly P. Hall pg. 27"When we have actually united these three manifestations into a harmonious balance, we then have actually the flaming triangle. The ancients asserted God, as the dot in the circle, to be unknowable, but said that he manifested through his three witnesses—the Father, the Son, and also the holy Spirit. Now the same is true through man. The part of God i beg your pardon is within every of us deserve to manifest just through his 3 witnesses; the father manifests v our thoughts, the boy through our emotions, and the ns

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Swinburne Clymer pg. 166