Start her Wine nation adventure by flying into Charles M. Schulz Sonoma ar Airport (STS) in Santa Rosa. Enjoy a hassle-free airport environment with shorter lines, easy affordable parking, ground transport connections, and welcoming hospitality simply north of mountain Francisco in northern California"s wine Country.

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Flying to Sonoma county Airport


Sonoma county Airport offers the following direct flights and airline services:

Alaska Airlines:

Burbank (BUR)Los Angeles (LAX)Orange county (SNA)Portland (PDX)San Diego (SAN)Seattle (SEA)

American Airlines:

Dallas - fort Worth (DFW)Los Angeles (LAX)Phoenix-Sky harbor (PHX) 

United Airlines:

Denver (DEN)San Francisco (SFO)

Book Flights come Sonoma county Airport

And ideal of all, once you buy wine in Sonoma County and fly the end of STS top top Alaska Airlines, your wine flies earlier home free under the airline"s mileage plan.

Airport Dining and Restaurants

The skies Lounge Steakhouse & sushi Bar functions a fresh, necessary menu day-to-day for breakfast, lunch, and also dinner, including a full bar, a everyday sushi menu, and also a sun-filled patio wherein you deserve to watch the planes take it off and also land. Enjoy a great meal while friend prepare for the next step of your journey.

Airport Transportation

Airport Accommodation

The closest hotels to Sonoma ar Airport incorporate Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites Windsor and also Vintners Resort. 

Search because that Sonoma ar Hotels

Things come Do around Sonoma county Airport

Not much from STS you"ll uncover the Pacific coastline Air Museum, wherein you have the right to learn around Sonoma County"s aviation heritage if exploring much more than 35 historic aircraft. For family members fun, inspect out the Charles M. Schulz Museum, Snoopy"s house Ice, and the Children"s Museum of Sonoma County, all located with a couple of blocks of each other in Santa Rosa.

And that course, this is alcohol Country, therefore tasting the fruit that the grape at among Sonoma County"s more than 425 wineries is a definite possibility. If her tastes incorporate other handcrafted beverages, follow the Sonoma County handmade Beverage Map.

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Alexander Valley

There room many, many alternatives for things to perform in Sonoma County. Flying right into STS way you"ll have the ability to start relaxing and also enjoying every little thing Sonoma Wine nation has come offer just that lot sooner, without a lengthy drive from a busy airport.

The down-home emotion starts as you get in the terminal and also spot happy pictures of the Peanuts gang that was the brainchild the the airport"s namesake, the so late (and beloved) cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. Where else will you uncover an information center decorated like Lucy"s psychiatric booth or see wall murals that Snoopy flying his Sopwith Camel (doghouse)? Don"t miss out on fun statues of Charlie, Lucy, and also the others, both in the airport and throughout the neighboring community. Just exterior the airport"s former doors, bronze statues that Charlie Brown and Linus lean on a stone wall, city hall travelers coming and going.