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With very low temperatures predicted because that Fat Tuesday, there’s been much conversation roughly town that the “remember when” selection as families re…

Curfews and also road closures kept motorists off the roads as an ice cream storm struggle the region. While there"s a slight thaw expected Tuesday, condition…


Feb. 16, 2021 low: 25Previous Feb. 16 document low (MSY airport): 29 in 1963


Feb. 16, 2021 low: 22Previous Feb. 16 record low: 26 (2007)


Feb. 16, 2021 low: 19 Previous Feb. 16 document low: 21 (1991) 


Feb. 16, 2021 low: 22Previous Feb. 16 record low: 24 (1900) 


Feb. 16 document low: 16Previous Feb. 16 document low: 25 in 2007

Those areas also had the potential to collection records because that the shortest high temperature reached throughout the day, with problems likely dipping back below freezing in the evening, Grigbsy said.

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But those temperatures will start to change quickly ~ midnight.

"We’re going come have another low pressure mechanism that’s going to be comes in towards us fairly rapidly," Grigsby said.

Temperatures are expected come climb easily into the 50s and low 60s on Wednesday, but parts of southern Louisiana will be at threat for major thunderstorms, tornadoes and hail in the evening. When that device moves out, locations north that Lake Pontchartrain room expected come again plunge down towards the tough freeze line later on in the week, Grigsby said.

Much of Louisiana remained under a winter storm warning transparent the work Tuesday about as much as the sheet of brand-new Orleans and also Covington in southeastern Louisiana. Those areas were under a winter weather advisory.

An yonsei woman"s human body was uncovered in the front yard of her neighbor"s house on Tuesday morning, according to the Lafayette Police Department.

At least two Louisiana residents are believed to have died in connection with the winter weather, both in the Lafayette area.

Hard freeze conditions were expected in much of the warning area, according to the national Weather Service, which could reason "significant" damage to unprotected pipes and crops. Some areas of the state, including Baton Rouge and Covington, space expected come see build-up of wintry precipitation throughout mid-day, v as much as a half-inch the ice possible in the Baton Rouge area.

Those projections would average the many icy precipitation ever before on Feb. 16 in Baton Rouge history. The existing record for the job was map levels that precipitation that dropped in 1895.

Nearly 34,000 DEMCO and also Entergy customers are still without strength Tuesday morning in the Baton Rouge area after ~ Monday"s ice cream storm the prompt…

Icy road conditions are supposed to be possible through Wednesday, through temperatures meant to remain listed below the freezing line throughout much of the day.

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There to be a few dozen road closures across Louisiana together of 9 a.m. Because of weather conditions, numerous of which to be affecting I-10 in the Lafayette and Baton Rouge areas. Click right here for the recent updates. 

Nearly 50,000 DEMCO and Entergy customers room still without power Tuesday night in the Baton Rouge area after ~ Monday"s ice cream storm the prompt…


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