It to be on January 9, 1977 in ~ 7:30am that Barron ar Undersheriff Jerry Johnson reported a temperature that -60 levels at his home on the north next of Cameron. That is well-known as the unofficial coldest temperature recorded everywhere in the state of Wisconsin. That"s according to several articles from the Rice Lake Chronotype, including one from 2017 composed by Dave Greschner.

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That -60 level temp is not thought about official since it didn"t happen the national Weather Service"s strictly guidelines on quality control. The other confirmed reports native the area were much "warmer", closer come -40 and as cold together -50 further north near rock Lake, i m sorry is about 15 miles eastern of Spooner. There to be other local reports reported by Rice Lake Chronotype in the flat area east of Cameron in the Canton area of temperatures between -50 and also -60, but there were only a handful of this reports.

Another worry according come the Rice Lake Chronotype was the the official thermometer in ~ the old Rice Lake Airport near Moon Lake froze and broke. Greschner report in 2017 the the airport manager in charge of relaying the weather problems to the NWS, Carl Rindlisbacher, had no choice but come report -44 degrees as it was the critical reading prior to the thermometer broke. Also though he want to think the Undersheriff"s report that -60, the official rules that reporting supposed he had actually to report the short temperature together the lowest the he saw, which was -44.

Still, stories from the day present that the temperature to be much chillier than a "normal" to explode of extremely cold arctic temperatures together there were reports of heating system oil gelling up, tires frozen with level spots from wherein they were parked and also riding bouncy together a result. That was, the course, because that the cars the even managed to start.

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Buttons and bumper stickers were created due to the popularity of the topic in the area. Picture courtesy that Larry Quinn

through Matt Schaefer

As because that this meteorologist, ns do believe the analysis on Undersheriff Johnson"s thermometer of -60. I"d favor to operation some test and/or carry out some much more research on few of those stories. I"d prefer to figure out what temperature would cause a tire of the 1970s to freeze in a flattened shape and the freeze point of the specific blend of heater oil offered in the era. Possibly that"ll it is in a an excellent story to job-related on for next year ~ above the 45th anniversary of this frigid, frigid work in history.