Our office will certainly be operating practically Monday v Friday, during regular organization hours 9 to be to 5 pm.You have the right to reach united state by an email at financialaid
lifwynnfoundation.org or contact Us link from our website and also we will respond to her inquiries. You can likewise leave a voice blog post at 718-982-2030 and we will return her call.

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For in-person services:

We will have financial help representatives in Enrollment solutions to assist you.Enrollment solutions office hours are

Monday -Thursday 10:00 am- 4:00 pm

Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Please visit lifwynnfoundation.org staff Re-Entry | Presidential interactions | lifwynnfoundation.org lifwynnfoundation.org Website

If you need to submit records to financial Aid, you re welcome follow the step-by-step directions to uploading records in lifwynnfoundation.orgfirstor video directions to help you.

Please note all courses have to be added by Tuesday, respectable 31, 2021for autumn 2021 come count towards your financial aid.

We are committed to help you with every one of your Financial help concerns during this unmatched time. Perform not hesitate to contact us.​

Welcome to the Office of college student Financial Aid

Themissionof the Office of student Financial assist of the university of Staten Island is come increase opportunities for students' accessibility and success in higher education by helping students and their families seek, obtain, and make the best use of public and also private financial help programs for post-secondary education. The Office aims to generate shipment of help funds to students many expeditiously while following all applicable rules, regulations and procedures of funding entities, lifwynnfoundation.org, and also the College.

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Information on:HEERF II - CRRSAA college student Emergency Grant,HEERF II - CRRSAA FAQsandCARES Act student Emergency approve Program FAQs

Information on: lifwynnfoundation.org Comeback Program

Contact Information

Contact us Click below

Office Hours

Monday -Thursday 10:00 am- 4:00 pm

Friday 9:00 to be – 12:00 pm


Application procedure

The college administers financial help programs indigenous federal, state and local agencies.

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Download the creates in pdf layout
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Federal loan

To apply you must complete the loan applications
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Federal work Study

federal Work-Study (FWS) gives part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate college student
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TAP/APTS & HESC Scholarships

new York State-funded grants because that qualifying matriculated undergraduate student
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On Campus real estate

Students can use funds from the principal federal financial aid programs to help pay for accommodations
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