Under the Colorado suggest system, your driver’s license have the right to be exposed for six months to one year if friend accumulate too plenty of demerits from moving violations. Adults drivers age 21 or over confront suspension if castle sustain 12 or much more points within a 12-month period, or 18 or an ext points throughout a 24-month period. License-holders can dispute their suspension at a Colorado DMV point hearing.

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How numerous points top top a Colorado license will cause a suspension?

The number of driver’s patent points in ~ which the Colorado DMV (Department of motor Vehicles) will suspend your driving privileges depends on your age and also whether you are a expert driver.

Adult vehicle drivers 21 years of age and older:

12 point out in 12-month period, or 18 points in 24-month period.

Minor motorists ages 18-20:

9 clues in 12 month period of time, 12 point out in 24 consecutive months, or 14 clues or an ext between the periods of 18 and also 21 years old.

Minor motorists under 18:

6 clues in 12 months, or 7 clues before transforming 18.


The DMV provides a different system for those whose demerits were incurred completely while employed as a experienced driver. Under the Colorado allude system, professional drivers include taxi cab drivers and also traditional chauffeurs. The is as much as you, however, come prove the website traffic violations developed during the food of her employment.

The variety of “chauffeur” point out triggering a Colorado driver’s license suspension are:

16 clues in 12 months, 24 clues in 24 months, or 28 point out in 48 months.

What are instances of DMV points?

The adhering to are some instances of the number of points for various Colorado driving crimes and also traffic infractions:

Speeding 40 mph or an ext over limit: 12 leaving the scene of an accident: 12 rate contests: 12 Evading / eluding an officer: 12 Speeding 20 mph to 39 mph over limit: 6 fail to avoid for a college bus: 6 Speeding 10 mph come 19 mph over limit: 4 failure to display or keep proof the insurance: 4 wrong passing: 4 failure to productivity to emergency vehicle: 4 failure to watch traffic authorize or signal: 4 driving on wrong next of road: 4 careless driving: 4 control through security zone: 3 improper turn: 3 driving on dorn direction top top one-way street: 3 failure to yield right of way: 3 operation an unsafe vehicle: 2 failure to dim – or revolve on – lights: 2 improper backing: 2 improper signal / failure to signal: 2 Speeding 5 mph come 9 mph end limit: 1

Adults drivers age 21 or older challenge a patent suspension if they accumulate 12 or an ext points in a year.

What is a DMV point hearing?

DMV suggest hearings are administrative trials at the Colorado DMV where world who confront a driver’s license suspension because that accruing too countless DMV clues can challenge their suspension. Everyone who faces a license suspension is entitled to a hearing, and also the DMV mails license-holders a notice of the date and time of your hearing.

DMV allude hearings take place in human being or end the phone. License-holders can appear by us or through their attorneys. They are less formal than criminal proceedings. But similar to trials, at DMV hearings the license holder can current evidence and also witnesses and cross-examine state witnesses, such as the police officer.

The hearing officer presiding end the DMV listening decides whether enough evidence exist to suspend the person’s license. The hear officer has actually the discretion to impose a suspension of 6 months to one year. Civilization who perform not attend your DMV hearing acquire their license instantly suspended for one year.

What are the needs for reinstatement of my Colorado license?

The needs for reinstatement that your license vary depending on what the suggest suspension or revocation to be for. However in most instances they include:

A reinstatement fees of $95, and Proof of insurance.

In addition, if you refused a DUI chemical test or your patent was revoked or suspended because of alcohol and/or drug use, you may be forced to carry out some or every one of the following:

SR-22 from your insurance company,

You may likewise be topic to one eligibility listening if your patent was suspended early out to:

Finally, if your license was revoked (as protest to suspended), you will certainly be forced to take brand-new eye, written and driving tests.

How perform I check my Colorado driving record?

You can purchase a non-certified copy of her Colorado motor vehicle record at any type of full-service driver’s patent office. Because that a certified copy, you have to contact:

Colorado division of motor Vehicles 1881 Pierce St. Lakewood, CO 80214.

Written requests have to include:

Your full name date of bear Driver license number (if available) Full and legible signature photocopy of driver picture ID through signature check for $2.60 (for non-certified copy) or $3.20 (for a certified copy).

To report website traffic violation errors on your driving record, girlfriend can contact the Colorado DMV in ~ (303) 205-5600 or TDD (303) 205-5940.


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