The most significant difference in between the static and also current electrical power is that in static power the charges are at rest and also they are accumulating on the surface of the insulator.

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whereas in current electricity the electrons are relocating inside the conductor. The other differences in between the static and also current electrical power are explained listed below in the compare chart.

The static electricity uses in pollution control machine, in machine painting, xerography etc. The metallic bowl of the pollution control maker convert the dust particles right into static charge. The revolution dirt particles entice towards the opposite fee plate of the pollution regulate machine. Thus, accumulate in the device. The present electricity usage for performing the mechanical work-related like to run the fan, motor, etc.

Content: static Vs current Electricity

Comparison Chart

Basis for Comparison static Electricity existing Electricity
Definition The electrical power which is construct up on the surface ar of the substance is recognized as the revolution electricity. The current electricity is because of the circulation of electrons.
Causes It induces because of the motion of the negative charges indigenous one object to anotherThe current electricity is due to the fact that of the movement of the electrons.
Material The static electricity establishes both in the conductor and also insulator.The existing electricity creates only in conductor.
Magnetic field Not cause the magnetic field.It root cause magnetic field.
Time PeriodExist for short time.Exists for lengthy time.
Measuring maker Gold sheet electroscope Analog and also digital meter.
Examples Lightning strokes, it construct by rubbing the balloons ~ above hair, etc. The existing electricity is used for running the fan, light, T.V etc.

Definition of static Electricity

The indigenous static method not in moving condition. The power in which the charges remain at rest on the surface ar of the substance is dubbed the static electricity. The static electricity generates through rubbing the 2 static objects.

Every object made of tiny particles called atoms. The atom consists the cell core and free electrons. The nucleus has an equal variety of neutrons and protons. The electron of the atom move throughout their orbit. The totally free particles of few of the substance space weakly bounded.

While rubbing the 2 objects, the electrons having weak bond jump from one object to another. The objects which shed the electrons i do not care positively charged. And also the object which gains electrons becomes negatively charged. The potential develops in between the revolution objects which cause the revolution electricity. 

Consider the atoms of the hair and also balloon. As soon as we rubbed the balloon on hair, an adverse charges transfer between them. Let the an adverse charge moves from the atom that hair and adds top top the atom that the balloon. Thus, the atoms of hairs become positively charged, and also that of balloon becomes negatively charged.


The force of attraction induces in between the hair and also balloon. The hopeful and an adverse charges construct the potential difference between the hair and also balloon. Hence the static power induces in between them.

Definition of present Electricity

The electrical energy which is produced due to the fact that of the movement of electron is known as the existing electricity. It establishes only ~ above the product which has complimentary electrons. The existing electricity use because that performing the mechanically works favor for moving the fan, running the machine, etc. The magnetic ar associates due to the fact that of existing electricity.

The AC (alternating current) and also DC (direct current) room the varieties of present electricity. In alternative current, the charges flow in both the direction. And in direct current, the charges relocate only in one direction.

The substances do of small particles dubbed the atom. The atom has the nucleus and electrons. The electrons move roughly the orbit the the atom, while the cell core is fixed. The substances room of 2 types. The one which has the weakly bounded electrons and the other has actually strongly bounded electrons,

The substance having a weak bond between the electrons and an atom is referred to as the conductor. As soon as the outside force likes voltage, thermal energy uses to it; the electrons become energised and start jumping native one atom to an additional inside the conductor. This movement of electrons generates the existing electricity.


In nonmetals, the electrons are strongly bounded. Yet in metals, the electron jumps indigenous one atom to another because the the repulsive building of charges. The movement of electrons generates the present electricity.

Key Differences in between Static and Current Electricity

The electrical power in i m sorry charges remain static is well-known as the static electricity. Whereas, the current electricity develops due to the fact that of flow of charges.The static electrical power develops since of the activity of an unfavorable charges indigenous one object to another. The existing electricity is since of the activity of electrons in the atoms of the conductor.The static electricity establishes on the surface of the insulator and also conductor conversely, the present electricity induces just in the conductor.The magnetic field develops due to the fact that of the present electricity, and also it doesn’t associate in the static electricity.The static electrical power exits for a brief time, vice versa, the existing electricity exists for long periods.The gold sheet electroscope procedures the magnitude of static electricity whereas the current electricity procedures by the digital and also analogue meter.The lightning strikes room the instances of the revolution electricity. The lightning strokes occur since the fee builds up on the surface ar of the cloud. The existing electricity use for to run the industrial an equipment and house appliances.

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The static electricity is since of the fees at rest position. And the present electricity develops because of the movement of negative charges.