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I"m brand-new to the civilization of reading prints and I am having actually some trouble expertise elevations. Every the prints I have been working with have actually base elevations of 100. I beg your pardon is generally the top of concrete ~ above the deck the the pool. Let"s say the excavation drawing says the deep finish is in ~ 94.7 exactly how do I number out what that is in feet.? any type of feed back/help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
that is telling me that is 5 ft 8 3/8 inches listed below benchmark.the .7/12 amounts to 8.4 inchesthe .4/16 equals 3/8 inch

To number it out rapid & straightforward in the field, you deserve to use a building and construction calculator (or app for her smartphone). Kind in "94.7 feet" climate "convert"" climate "feet" that will display screen the fraction 94" 8-3/8"
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Your elevations are in feet. They space in decimal feet which measure feet to the 10th. You need to transform to feet and also inches. Various other posts above show that.
Its time to learn how a number line functions or you are guaranteed to make part very large errors that expense thousands of dollars.I"d buy one Engineer"s preeminence or surveying rod laid the end in decimal feet, and then close a customs foot rod or tape to it tightly...... Converting from inches to decimal feet never ends fine till you space an expert, and also even then anxiety can cause errors.When cross zero, add another rule counting increase if needed, and also a fourth dominion can provided be to inspect sums that cross the Zero elevationI work with masons every day that get confused around the zero point of elevation, one reason most prints usage 100 together FFL instead of zero,The zero is a johnny come recently to math, even Jesus Christ was born before the at an early stage R. Catholic bishops taken it, therefore JC finished up born in 1 A.D rather of Zero,which was skipped going ago to 1 B.C A completely fooed increase mess.Yes, that is why Prince"s "Party like its 1999!" had actually the end of the Millennium a year early.....2017 is the sixteenth year of the 3rd millennium. Together an virtually useless factoid.

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