ICD-10-CM Documentation 2021 (Essential Chartin Guidance to Support medical Necessity) first Edition Set)
Basics of joint replacement measures or CPT codes

Joint replacement is a procedure that requires replacing an hurt or ailing joint through an man-made joint, or prosthesis. Joint replacement help in restoring the mobility and also functionality that the joint and relieve pain. As soon as medication and also physical therapy falls short to reduce joint pain and dysfunction, full joint arthroplasty is a surgical choice to improve joint role and relax pain.

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Osteoarthritis is the main indication because that performing the complete arthroplasty procedures. Arthroplasty is the most usual procedure to carry out joint problem of knee, hip and shoulder. Arthroplasty is perform under general or regional anesthesia.

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Knee arthroplasty CPT codes

Knee share is subdivided right into three compartments, medial (inside element of the knee), lateral (outside aspect of the knee) and patellofemoral (front that the knee). UKA is performed in one of the knee compartments in i beg your pardon the damaged parts of the knee are replaced. This minimally invasive partial knee replacement may be an option for patients whose arthritis is secluded to either the medial or the lateral compartment of the knee. It is called a partial replacement because only one compartment the the damaged knee is replaced. This commonly involves damaged joint or bone organization in the knee joint, i beg your pardon is replaced with a artificial prosthetic, when the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments room preserved. The incision because that a partial instead of is smaller due to the fact that of the smaller sized implants. In addition, UKA may an outcome in much less postoperative pain and a shorter recovery duration than a TKA because there is much less dissection, and therefore, less surgery is required. Although a UKA is less usual than a TKA, the physician might recommend it together a more appropriate procedure because that the patient due to the fact that only one compartment that the knee is affected.

Knee share arthroplasty has cpt code 27437-27447, 27486, 27487.

27437 Arthroplasty, patella; without prosthesis27438 with prosthesis27440 Arthroplasty, knee, tibial plateau;27441 v debridement and also partial synovectomy27442 Arthroplasty, femoral condyles or tibial plateau(s), knee;27443 with debridement and partial synovectomy27445 Arthroplasty, knee, hinge prosthesis (eg, Walldius type)27446 Arthroplasty, knee, condyle and also plateau; medial OR lateral compartment27447 medial and also lateral compartments v or without patella resurfacing (total knee arthroplasty)

27486 review of complete knee arthroplasty, v or there is no allograft; 1 component27487 femoral and entire tibial component

Hip Arthroplasty CPT codes

Hip arthroplasty consists of cpt password 27132, 27125, 27134-27138, 27130. Hip arthroplasty consists of unipolar and bipolar i know good hemiarthroplasty. And total hip arthroplasty. Hemiarthroplasty code 27125 need to not be provided to report a partial hip instead of to act a traumatic hip fracture. Because that a prosthetic placed complying with hip fracture usage cpt password 27236.

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Use password 27134-27318 once a revision operation procedure (involving the share hardware) is performed after ~ an early stage arthroplasty. Come illustrate, if femoral and also acetabular materials were inserted and, at a later date, the patient calls for a single stage hip revision, code 27134 need to be provided to describe the revision of both the femoral and acetabular components. Over there is not a stated minimum time interval between the initial arthroplasty and also the revision, however it should be in ~ a separate session. Because code 27134 contains the removed of currently hardware and also insertion of new total i know well hardware or that components, it would not be suitable to report password 27091, removal of hip prosthesis; (separate procedure), in enhancement to password 21734.

27132 switch of ahead hip surgery to complete hip arthroplasty, v or without autograft or allograft

27125 Hemiarthroplasty, hip, partial (eg, femoral stem prosthesis, bipolar arthroplasty)

27134 revision of complete hip arthroplasty; both components, with or there is no autograft or allograft27137 acetabular ingredient only, through or there is no autograft or allograft27138 femoral ingredient only, with or there is no allograft

27130 Arthroplasty, acetabular and proximal femoral prosthetic instead of (total hip arthroplasty), with or there is no autograft or allograft

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Shoulder arthroplasty CPT codes

Shoulder arthroplasty has cpt codes 23470, 23472-23474. This procedure is done to treat degenerative and inflammatory arthritis. In hemiarthroplasty the the shoulder, the head the the humerus bone is replaced. In complete arthroplasty, both the head the the humerus and the glenoid are replaced.