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The adhering to information was got by fax indigenous the Orthodox Union on respectable 26, 1999The adhering to Dannnon Yogurt products will be stop from OU certification in September due to a formula change:

Dannon F.O.B. (fruit ~ above the bottom) - all varietiesSrawberry/ combined Berry 6-4.4 oz MinipackBlueberry Yogurt 8 ozBoysenberry Yogurt 8 ozCherry Yogurt 8 ozApple Cinnamon YogurtMixed berries Yogurt 8 ozOrange Yogurt 8 ozPeach Yogurt 8 ozRaspberry Yogurt 8 ozStawberry-Banana Yogurt 8 ozStrawberry Yogurt 8 ozThose commodities bearing the OUD symbol space from the previous produstionand are certified.The following commodities will continue to be under the OU-D certification as before:Dannon FlavoredCoffee Flavored Lowfat Yogurt 8 oz,16 ozCran-Raspberry Flavored Lowfat Yogurt 8 ozLemon Flavored Lowfat Yogurt 8 ozVanilla Flavored Lowfat Yogurt 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 ozDannon PlainPlain Lowfat Yogurt 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 ozPlain Nonfat Yogurt 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 ozNatural PlainYogurtOrganic plain YogurtDannon (Frozen) - all varietiesSoft Frozen Fat free Yogurt Blueberry PieSoft Frozen Fat totally free Yogurt StrawberrySoft Frozen Fat totally free Yogurt ChocolateSoft Frozen Fat cost-free Yogurt French VanillaSoft Frozen Fat free Orange BlossomSoft Frozen Fat free Peach PassionSoft Frozen Fat complimentary Praline PecanSoft Frozen Fat totally free NY CheesecakeSoft Frozen Fat cost-free Yogurt White coco MousseSoft Frozen Fat complimentary Yogurt French VanillaSoft Frozen Fat cost-free Yogurt Red RaspberrySoft Frozen LowFat Yogurt VanillaSoft Frozen Lowfat Yogurt ChocolateSoft Frozen Lowfat Yogurt Peanut Butter MixSoft Frozen Yogurt Cappuccino Fat FreeSS No Sugar included Yogurt VnillaSS No Sugar added Yogurt ChocolateSS Nonfat Yogurt Gourmet variety Pack Mixed.note The consumer input number because that Dannon is 1-800-321-2174
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