Quick facts

Larder beetles were called for their attraction to food pantries (larders) and also cured meats.They enter homes in spring through spaces and gaps on the outside of buildings.It is an extremely uncommon because that larder beetles to feed on save on computer food products.Larder beetles can feed top top dead insects, animals or birds that have become trapped in voids or attics that buildings.Serious damage to structural timber is an extremely rare and also only wake up if larvae boring in the wood repeatedly.If you save finding larvae or large numbers of adults inside your home, call a pest control service.

How to identify larder beetles

Adult beetles

about 1/4-1/3 inch in lengthdark brown and oval shapedhave a cream come yellow fancy band across the optimal of their wing covers with six dark colored spots within it


about 1/2 inch in lengthworm-like, hairy and also reddish come dark brown in colorhave a pair that spines on their tail finish that curve backwards

Life cycle of larder beetles

Adult larder beetles overwinter outdoors and also indoors in walls.

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They lay egg in food sources, where the hatched larvae can feed.When the larvae are complete grown, they find for shelter, wherein they have the right to transform into pupae.They deserve to bore approximately 1/2 inches right into the wood, in search of protection.Larvae may also bore into other soft materials, such together books and also insulation.

Damage resulted in by larder beetles

Adults and larvae eat high-protein materials, such as animal hides and also furs, feathers, meat, cheese, dry pet foods and dead pets or insects.

Larder beetles can infest dry pet food and also make the inedible.They can damage preserved animal specimens.Food surprise by rodents may likewise attract this beetles.

Insects such as swarm flies and boxelder bugs acquire into houses in so late summer and also fall. You will notification a larder beetle difficulty in the next season, if huge numbers of this insects dice off.

How to protect your home from larder beetles

You may see a few adult larder beetles within your residence in spring. This does not median that there is an infestation. They may have actually come in native the outdoors and also may not be connected with a food source.

When you check out larvae, and huge number of adults inside the home, there is a larder beetle problem. As lengthy as a food resource remains, larder beetles will continue to be a problem.

Look for the resource of the infestation

Look in locations where you see the most larder beetles.Check areas where food is stored, including dry pet food.You may require an investigate of your home for rodent activity, especially if your house or cabin has a to crawl space.If dead insects or dead animals in inaccessible locations of the structure are the food source, then control becomes more challenging.

Using pesticides

Your finest option is come physically remove larder beetles (such as with a vacuum) together you see them.Pesticide sprays or dusts used indoors will not be reliable if the food source is no removed.You can reduce the variety of overwintering insects by dealing with them in the fall prior to they acquire inside.

Seal cracks and spaces around your house that may permit insects to enter.

Apply a residual pesticide approximately the exterior of her building.

Contact a professional pest control company to law a house for overwintering insects.

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CAUTION: Mention of a pesticide or use of a pesticide label is for educational functions only. Constantly follow the pesticide brand directions attached to the pesticide container you room using. Remember, the brand is the law.