I"m right now having a trouble where brand-new songs i download show up beside a dashed circle once I shot transfer castle to mine iPhone. Every songs work from the music library on mine computer, but those through the dashed circle will certainly not appear on mine iPhone.

About a week ago I adjusted the email associated with my lifwynnfoundation.orgID and also have noticed that all the songs I"ve acquired because then room experiencing this problem. Top top both devices I have actually signed the end of my old lifwynnfoundation.orgID ~ above iTunes and also have logged back in v the new lifwynnfoundation.orgID email.

Any assist would be lot appreciated!

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Feb 6, 2014 12:18 to be in solution to NHaley In solution to NHaley

After a TON the frustration over this, I ultimately got something to work. What ns did was an initial go in to mine settings, general, usage, and also then swipe on music and also delete the entire library. Then I checked out iTunes, and also unclicked Sync. At this point I believed nothing had worked because the sync bar was still mirroring that every my music data was on mine phone, however I offered it a second and it at some point cleared. Then i reclicked Sync for music, and went come On This call to view what was happening. Throughout this sync it ultimately started "copying __ of 1200," and also now I have actually all mine songs ago on my phone! great luck...!

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Feb 6, 2014 12:18 am

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Oct 31, 2013 5:14 am in solution to NHaley In solution to NHaley

Have girlfriend tried uninstalling the latest version of itunes and also then reinstalling it..I had the same problem on my ipod touch and i do the efforts restoring my ipod and everything then ns Just made decision on a wim come reinstall itunes and everything started syncing on my ipod