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Jem is around four year older 보다 Scout, and also we room told that he is “nearly ten” once the story starts. The most certain description the Jem is of his problem at the end of the book, after ~ the attack by Bob Ewell.

when he was practically thirteen, my...

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Jem is about four year older 보다 Scout, and also we room told that he is “nearly ten” as soon as the story starts. The most details description of Jem is of his condition at the end of the book, after ~ the strike by Bob Ewell.

When he was almost thirteen, my brother Jem acquired his eight badly damaged at the elbow. … His left eight was somewhat much shorter than his right; when he stand or walked, the earlier of his hand to be at ideal angles come his body, his ignorance parallel to his thigh. (Ch. 1) 

This summary would it seems ~ to show that the event left a physical mark on Jem and also an emotional one. Jem acquired over that pretty quickly since he to be still able come play football. Scout begins by describing this since the incident is vital to whereby the story ends up. 

The only description of the virtually ten-year old Jem in thing 1 seems to show that he has actually long or bushy hair and also is taller 보다 Dill.

Jem brushed his hair earlier to obtain a much better look. “Why don’t you come over,

Charles Baker Harris?” he said. “Lord, what a name.”

“‘s not any kind of funnier’n yours. Aunt Rachel says your name’s Jeremy Atticus Finch.”

Jem scowled. “I’m big enough to fit mine,” he said. (Ch. 1)

So Jem is tall sufficient to be bigger than Dill, i m sorry doesn’t show up to be too challenging since the is Scout’s age and short, and has lengthy hair. We learn later that the is brown.

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As the book continues, we learn a little about Jem’s development. Scout gets upset when Jem starts come eat a lot and spend less time with her. He is beginning to develop into a teenager. He also shows enlightenment hair top top his chest and also under his arms. To him, it method he is growing up. To Scout, it method they are farming apart.