A Maryland mathematics teacher has a lot of arithmetic to do after Wednesday night’s Wheel the Fortune—how she’s walk to invest the $1,017,500 she won on the video game show.

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In addition to to win the show’s biggest prize, buy it Manchester winner a expedition to the Dominican Republic, and also is “soaking in every minute” of her victory, the Associated Press reports. Manchester, who teaches in ~ Takoma Park middle School, filmed the present in May.

Manchester is the third-ever contestant to success the $1 million prize, according to WJLA-TV, complying with two contestants that won the prize in 2013 and 2008. Manchester told AP the she to plan to use her winnings ~ above her 2 kids’ education and to travel with her family.

The $1 million wedge was added to the wheel in 2008. To victory the prize, the contestant must an initial collect the wedge, and also make it to the Bonus round without going bankrupt. There, among the wedge’s envelopes that’d generally contain $100,000 is replaced with one containing $1 million. The contestant spins because that a wedge, the host collects the envelope, the contestant need to solve the challenge, and finally, the envelope’s contents is revealed.



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