Do girlfriend judge her favorite actors and films by how many Oscars they win? No, no one does, yet it’s quite to it is in recognized. For some reason, the Academy generally does a negative job of awarding part deserving artists every year.

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The exact same goes for every awards show, and also it’s not hard to number out why. There’s just no precise science to these things. Simply look in ~ the human who’s racked increase the most Grammy Awards in history: George Solti.

The many common solution will be, “Who? ” It’s a good question. The prize is: a Hungarian classical conductor that lived native 1912-97. He winner 31 Grammys. Behind him is a two-way tie in between Quincy Jones and Allison Krauss.

If you’re looking for your favourite rock band — say, The Beatles — that’s also the most famous recording artist of every time, don’t. They just won seven, and a mere handful while they were together.

The Beatles only won 4 Grammys while they were together.



British rock group the Beatles after ~ each got an MBE in ~ Buckingham royal residence in London, 26th October 1965. From left to right, Ringo Starr, john Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison. | wilhelm Vanderson/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

What’s her favorite Beatles album? There are no best answers, but the one anyone — we average everyone — seems to like is Revolver (1966).

If you desire to bop around, there’s “Taxman.” for those who like a deeper track, there’s “Eleanor Rigby.” climate come two of the biggest Beatles songs: John’s “I’m only Sleeping” and also Paul’s ethereal “Here, There, and also Everywhere,” which tho awes listener to this day.

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Even Ringo fans had actually something to party around with “Yellow Submarine.” so did the album win? No, it lost to A Taste of Honey by Herbie Alpert and The Tijuana Brass. (Sinatra’s September of My Years was another winner.)

In other years, The Fab 4 got knocked turn off by Paul Simon (Mrs. Robinson) when Abbey Road (1969) was in the running. Most music fans have the right to stomach that.

As because that the Revolver snub, probably someone’s listening come A Taste that Honey right now. However we doubt it. It’s just one more disappointment from another awards show.