Speeds10–1,000 MbpsPrice$29.99–$99.99/mo.¶User Ratings*3.60/5ViewPlans for Cox communications

* User ratings averaged from evaluate submitted to lifwynnfoundation.org.

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˚ w/ no term agreement, 1-year agreement, or 2-year commitment depending on plan.

• for 12 months. 

¶ for 12 months through 1-yr. Svc agreement.

We determined these together the height three cable web providers based upon speed and access within the largest part of the US. Girlfriend may have speeds quicker or slower than those listed above, or you might have added options that compete with these speeds, based on your location.

Cable internet speeds

When you sign up for cable internet, you’ll select your speed. Choose DSL, the higher the speed, the an ext you pay. Pick the rate you think you will do it need. If you have a roommate who spends all summer gaming, or a big family with many streaming on multiple devices, climate go with a higher speed plan.

The speed listed isn’t a guaranteed speed. Her actual internet link speed will be same to or lower than the speed package friend purchase, i beg your pardon is usually noted as “speeds increase to” because a provider can not promise a offered speed.

Slower net packages save you money, while greater speed packages cost progressively more the much faster they get. Quick connections are far better for multiple devices, transferring documents to the cloud, and online gaming.

Are you wondering how quick of an internet link to get? take our quiz to find out exactly how much web speed friend need.

Cable gigabit modems

If you’re trying to find the fastest-possible web connection, cable can deliver—many cable service providers nowadays offer gigabit web plans, with 1,000 Mbps download speeds. 

To fight those document speeds, you’ll require a cable modem configured because that DOCSIS 3.1.

DOCSIS 3.1 is the recent data move standard adopted for cable web networks. Basically it’s a system that permits cable suppliers to struggle potential max speed of approximately 10 Gbps—a mind-bending 10,000 Mbps—while delivering net to customers choose you. 

Nobody provides 10 Gbps speeds yet for a residential internet plan. Yet a DOCSIS 3.1 modem is a prerequisite for an net user to comfortable hit 1,000 Mpbs download speeds on a current gigabit plan. 

DOCSIS 3.1 modems are much more expensive than modems installation the vault standard. And also you won’t require one if you have a setup that’s reduced than 1,000 Mbps. But investing in one will prepare you because that the day as soon as cable web providers offer also faster options. Together all an excellent pioneers say, onward and upward we go.

Cable vs. Fiber

Another kind of net you may have actually heard around is fiber. Fiber-optic web is incredibly fast. Fiber offers speeds up to 2 Gbps (or 2,000 Mbps), i beg your pardon is the more quickly internet obtainable anywhere in the US.

What does 2 Gbps internet feel like? You might not an alert much difference in your net performance between 15 Mbps and also 2 Gbps if girlfriend are looking through society media or streaming video on Netflix, yet if you’re trying to download gamings like Fortnite, it can turn a two-hour ordeal into a zippy two-minute install. Super fast internet speeds also make a large difference on chat application calls.

Why no fiber available in my area?

This brand-new technology requires new infrastructure to it is in installed, which come at a hefty price. Fiber internet is right now only available to 27% of the us population, and is an ext expensive than cable internet. Numerous tech providers are interested in happen fiber web into their area, and also some city municipalities are helping foot the invoice for structure fiber-optic networks in their area.

You have the right to take a look at fiber internet providers and also find the end if it’s available in her area.

Xfinity, Cox, and also a couple of other cable service providers offer superfast link speeds that are similar to fiber internet. Cable is obtainable in most of the US and is perfect for HD streaming, gaming, and also all species of residence internet use.

Cable internet pricing

While more expensive 보다 DSL, cable web is much more affordable 보다 fiber and is extensively available. It supplies blazing fast speeds that carry out well even in large households with hefty internet use.

Many cable web providers offer bundle pricing, which provides cable internet much more appealing 보다 DSL to numerous people. You can bundle cable TV, internet, and also home phone services for a discount.

Most cable packages market a short introductory rate, so you’ll obtain a price break in the very first six to 12 months. The prices hike increase after the promotional period ends. As lengthy as you’re mindful of this, friend will most likely be totally happy with cable internet.

Pro tip:

If your household has frequent gamers, Skypers, and a couple of streamers, opt for among the much faster cable net packages. Bundle with cable TV and also phone to save money.

Is cable internet right for you?

Cable internet is the finest option for you if one or more of the following apply:

You have actually multiple tools streaming concurrently in her home.You frequently back up big files to the cloud.There’s a lot of online gaming walking on at her house.You have budgeted because that a higher-priced internet company that will certainly go up after the introductory price.

Cable internet is a high-performance selection for all kinds of net users. The higher speed to plan will give you ample bandwidth because that gaming, multiple machine streaming, and also everything in between.

Find cable internet providers in her area.

check out Your Providers

Compare DSL and cable internet

PriceContractDownload speedsInstallation fee
DSL internet$20–$70/mo.0–2 years.5 Mbps–100 Mbps$50.00–$75.00View DSL net plans
Cable internet$20–$125/mo.*0–2 years10 Mbps–1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps)$9.99–$75.00View cable web plans

DSL internet
Contract0–2 years
Download speeds.5 Mbps–100 Mbps
Installation fee$50.00–$75.00
View DSL internet plans
Cable internet
Contract0–2 years
Download speeds10 Mbps–1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps)
Installation fee$9.99–$75.00
View cable web plans

*Prices subject to change after introductory duration ends.

If you’re no a tech wizard, and also you’re afraid the switching web will it is in a large hassle, nothing worry! whether you select cable internet or DSL, the firm you pick will send a technician to professionally install and also bring any kind of necessary equipment. The technician will do the finish setup and make sure everything is functioning well prior to they leave.

If you carry out want to do self-installation, some carriers offer a self-install discount.

Check the end our comfortable self-installation guides because that step-by-step indict on getting your internet going.

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Are over there DSL or cable web providers in mine area?

If you’re wonder which alternatives are available in her area, no worries! We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the ideal internet suppliers by ZIP code. Check out your alternatives below.