Since i am that the male sex a many my tips and posts referral the male lacrosse goalies and also game.

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But what around the women lacrosse goalies? Is play lacrosse goalie in the women’s game similar to play in the men’s game?

In whatever that I’ve composed is it safe to simply swap the indigenous “she” and also “he” and also assume the piece of advice is still applicable?

In this post, let’s take it a look at that.

Difference in between Men and Women Lacrosse Goalies

There are so many differences in between the game that men’s and women’s lacrosse the they room often considered two different sports.

The equipment, the field, the sticks, the level that contact, the rules; they all have actually uniqueness relying on the gender.

But what around the goalies? while there space some tiny differences, the end result is that the techniques offered to beat goalie in the men’s video game are no different than that of the women’s game.

That said, there are a couple of differences in the games that warrant exactly how the mrs goalies should be trained.

Here are some of the differences in between the two games and exactly how they slightly effect the goalie play because that women.

1. Men’s Sticks have actually deep pockets while Women’s sticks room shallow

The head the a women’s stick has an extremely shallow pocket contrasted to the men’s stick. This method that in the women’s video game you won’t check out the high sports of stick and shot angles that you see in the men’s game.

Most the the shots you’ll check out as a mrs goalie will certainly be overhand or contempt side-arm.

The important suggest here is make certain your coach shoots ~ above you with a women’s stick during practice.

This way you obtain accustomed to seeing how the sphere releases the end of the mrs stick and not the male stick.

Due to lack of women’s goalie coaches, regularly times men will be in fee of coaching mrs lacrosse goalies. Since they’re used to the men’s game they use their very own stick and think whatever is the same. It’s not.

For example, the underhand shoot is totally unique to the men’s game. It’s near difficult (especially at the youth level) v the shallow pocket of the woman stick.

2. Many women’s shots will be take away in near proximity

For a selection of factors the shots that women lacrosse goalies have to save will certainly inevitably be from closer range. This is due to:

The amount of human body checking in the women’s video game is far lessThe wrinkle is slightly smaller sized (8.6 foot radius vs. Men’s 9 ft radius)Defensive slides can not come native the crease, need to come indigenous the side when an attacker is looking to sho0t (Shooting space foul)

In the women’s video game you simply don’t see shots from external 8 yards.

Therefore throughout our exercise with woman goalies we want to emphasis on close variety shots and drills which boost reaction time and also foot speed in tight.

Also a significant amount that time have to be specialized to saving one-on-one shots.

The method to do the conserves is still the same however women won’t watch the high velocity external shots that are typical in a men’s game.

3. Distinction in rules need some slight alterations to the goalie’s game

In the women’s video game every player needs to freeze/stop on the whistle. For this reason if a goalie chases out a ball and doesn’t success it, their team is toast together a restart happens v the goalie grounding on the sideline or end line.

Therefore, i encourage mrs goalies come NOT chase out shots unless it’s blatantly clear you’re walk to success it.

A fews years ago a dominion change to the men’s game removed the 5 2nd grace duration for goalies after chasing shots. So, this is now a similarity between men’s and women’s lacrosse.

Before the rule adjust I encouraged men’s goalies to follow out all shots also on one’s wherein there to be doubt they might win due to the fact that the grace period allowed them to get earlier into the cage prior to the game restarted. This is currently no much longer the case.

Another adjust is that women have 10 secs to leave the crease top top a save, while men only have actually 4 seconds.

I still recommend using the very same progressions when top a clear. But women don’t need to be as rushed in their reads.

You can provide your team a little an ext time to an episode after a save prior to exiting the folds to make your means up field.

Throwing outlet passes is precisely the same between the 2 genders. No difference there.

A final distinction in rules is the legal size (length) the the goalie’s stick. In ladies’ video game the shaft and also head should be between 35-1/2” and 52” while in the men’s video game the stick have the right to between 40″ and 72″ long.

Either way, both men and women need to use a shaft length that feeling comfortable come them. While i played I desired a much shorter shaft together it made the stick feeling lighter in mine hands.


So What’s the Same?

Well, practically everything else. Both men and women lacrosse goalies must:

Good save method is an excellent save technique regardless the gender.

There is no need to include the word female to this question: “How deserve to a woman goalie work-related on boosting off-stick i know well shots?” exact same goes for any type of other specific method question – the means a masculine goalie conserves an off-stick i know well shot will certainly be the exact same as the means a mrs goalie walk it.

Therefore for the bulk of what girlfriend see right here on Lax Goalie Rat whenever I just reference masculine goalies, its purely by accident or habit. Simply assume it uses to the women’s video game as well.

Women specific Goalie Equipment

It’s no surprise that men wear very small protection considering over there is a high-speed rubber projectile travel at them.

Perhaps it’s pure tradition yet I at some point see an ext pads being introduced right into the men’s goalie game with time.

While machismo might prevent the men’s goalies indigenous using added pads, luckily on the women’s side there isn’t that facet to deal with.

Men and women goalies usage the precise same goalie stick. In fact, inspect men’s rod setups vs. Females stick setups and also you’ll view the overlap.

All of the regular equipment used by guys will additionally be supplied in the women’s game (each attach goes come a product that i recommend)-

Here’s the full malfunction of all lacrosse goalie equipment needed come play in the women’s game.

The equipment noted above is no different from what a men’s ar goalie would wear.

There are a couple of equipment differences between men and women. Shin guards and goalie pants are required in the women’s game while they’re not in the men’s game.

The shoulder pads is an optional item of tools so if friend feel an excellent in score without them, by all means don’t use them. But I recommend, especially for 1st time goalies, that you use this extra defense to feel an ext confident in the cage.

Especially throughout practice. In gamings when ours adrenaline is running we’re commonly ok there is no any additional padding.

Just since you’re attract the extra pads doesn’t mean we adjust our goalie style.

We’re no hockey goalies who block shots through their pads. We’re lacrosse goalies who record shots v the rod while obtaining our body behind the round in the occasion it misses ours stick.

Big distinction in style and don’t let the extra padding adjust the means you beat in the goal.


Unfortunately, the lacrosse suppliers that do goalie equipment have not constructed many things specific because that female goalies.

The same equipment that men use is really the just thing accessible for women also though the body shapes are vastly different.

So if you’re a female goalie it is in careful about sizing of the equipment, especially the chest protector as you want to certain it’s vast enough to fit your complete chest.


Ultimately, in the sports of lacrosse goalie is goalie even if it is you space male or female.

The an approach to make saves is the exact same for men and women, but the video game is different. The species of shots mrs goalies will watch differs since of their rules and also thus our practices and also drills have to be customized a small for lady goalies.

However, if you focus on the fundamentals lacrosse score play, you’ll be a great goalie, nevertheless of your gender.

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Now that you’ve read all the – here’s why the female goalie position IS different.

Until next time! Coach Damon

Any mrs lacrosse goalies analysis lifwynnfoundation.org? leave me a comment under below.